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Music: Dan Amor - Sister Anne

Acoustic artist Dan Amor conjures the spirit of Syd Barrett in his track Sister Anne.

It’s taken from the Welshman’s upcoming album Rainhill Trials, set for release on May 19.

The former member of Gabrielle 25 includes lyrics in his original Welsh language to reinforce his argument that it’s not essential for the audience to understand every word in order to receive his meaning.

Find out more via Amor’s Bandcamp page.


  1. Sister Anne

  2. Yr Awel

  3. Y Gwynt

  4. Brenhines Y Tonnau

  5. Sgubor

  6. Spring Tide

  7. Dusk Bird

  8. Diamonds In A Claw

  9. Serw

  10. Landlubber

  11. Y Ci

Dan Amor: Sister Anne

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