Armageddon unveil total destruction


Armageddon, the band led by former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott, have revealed the cover of upcoming album Captivity & Devourment.

The title track from the follow-up to 2002’s Three can be heard below, and their full fourth record is due later this year.

The Swedish outfit say the artwork, painted by Paolo Girardi, was directly inspired by the album’s concept as created by bassist Sara Claudius.

They explain: “Paolo took his own inspiration and painted a scene of total destruction, as described across the album. We strictly did not want the uninspired digital Photoshop album art that is so prevalent these days. These are hand-painted visions – a man inspired by music.”

The current Armageddon lineup features Amott and Claudius alongside vocalist Matt Hallquist, guitarist Joey Concepcion and drummer Marton Veress.

Armageddon: Captivity & Devourment