Il Nino men reveal Terror Universal


Il Nino drummer Dave Chavarri and guitarist Ahrue Luster have lifted the lid on their new horror metal project Terror Universal.

They’re currently working on debut EP Reign Of Terror and have made the track Welcome To Hell free to download. The band have also released a lyric video. View it below.

Chavarri, who previously played with Soulfly, goes under the name Massacre in the outfit, while Luster who was once with Machine Head, is named Diabolus. They’re joined in the band by vocalist Rott and guitarist Thrax.

Massacre says: “We are here to inflict terror and fear upon the masses. Our thirst for blood is eternal.” Diabolus adds: “We are everything that you loathe and we are everything that you fear. We have come to take and devour your souls.”

Welcome To Hell can be downloaded directly via the band’s website.