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Potty-mouthed Buckcherry drop further f-bombs

Buckcherry are streaming the lead track from their cleverly-titled FUCK EP, Somebody Fucked With Me.

The EP is out today and also features the tracks Say Fuck It, Motherfucker, I Don’t Give A Fuck, It’s A Fucking Disaster and Fist Fuck.

“This song is very special to me it represents that moment in your life when all innocence is lost and you figure out that nothing is what it seems”, says frontman Josh Todd. “It makes me feel like somebody fucked with me.”

In the interests of accurate reporting, we’ve counted up the number of f-bombs contained in the track, and can reveal that Somebody Fucked With Me features 38 examples of the word ‘fuck’, eight uses of ‘fucks’, nine ‘fucked’ and one ‘fucking’. Josh Todd is 44.

Fraser Lewry

Online Editor of Classic Rock Magazine. Lapsed Kiwi, Eater, Pluviophile, Kitten Jesus. Spends much of free time visiting vile dictatorships. Favourite Serbian trumpeter: Dejan Petrović.