Keep Of Kalessin ready to unveil Epistemology


Keep Of Kalessin will release their sixth album next month.

The Norwegian extreme metal outfit issue Epistemology on February 16 via Indie Recordings. The follow-up to 2010’s Reptilian is the band’s first album not to feature singer Thebon, with guitarist Arnt Gronbech on vocal duties.

Their 2013 Introspection EP offered a taste of the band’s sound as a three-piece.

The group held a design contest for the new album’s cover art, with Jean Michel’s entry eventually winning. See it below.

Epistemology tracklist

  1. Cosmic Revelation 2. The Spiritual Relief 3. Dark Divinity 4. The Grand Design 5. Necropolis 6. Universal Core 7. Introspection 8. Epistemology 9. Anima Mundi (featuring Attila Csihar) 10. Novae Ruptis