Cowards stream Beyond My Hands


We’re premiering the new track from sludgey hardcore racket-makers Cowards, taken from their upcoming album Rise To Infamy.

The Parisian noisemongers are gearing up to release their second full-length in Feburary on Throatruiner Records, RVINS RECORDS and Deadlight Entertainment – and we’ve got the exclusive first play of the single!

If you’re a fan of having your ears pummelled into dust and vocals so harsh you have to wonder if their frontman moonlights as a glass eater. Punishingly beautiful.

Full tracklisting below:

  1. Shame Along Shame 2. Never To Shine 3. Frustration (Is My Girl) 4. Beyond My Hands 5. Birth Of The Sadistic Son 6. Low Esteem 7. Anything But The Highroad 8. Wish For Infamy 9. Bend The Knee 10. So Easy