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The 10 best songs by AFI

The 11 best Tom Waits songs, by Brian Fallon

The 11 best drummers according to Black Stone Cherry's John Fred Young

The 10 Best Slayer Songs, 1983 - 1990

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The 10 Best Metal Mash-Ups

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The 10 best new bands from South Africa

The 13 best Status Quo headbangers from 1971-1981

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The 10 best Sugar songs according to Scott Sorry

The 10 best Skid Row songs, by Dave 'Snake' Sabo

The 10 best comic books, by Coheed's Claudio Sanchez

The 10 best Black Sabbath songs from their final tour, by Adam Wakeman

The 10 best Faith No More songs that may have passed you by

The 11 best releases on Metal Blade, by Brian Slagel

The 10 best Iron Maiden songs sung by Paul Di'Anno

The 11 best songs by Free, according to Thunder's Luke Morley

The 10 best prog bands, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Paul O'Neill

The 10 best Radiohead songs that aren't Creep

The 10 best songs sung by Glenn Frey

The 10 best Cinderella songs, chosen by Lzzy Hale

The 10 best Beastie Boys songs, chosen by Cancer Bats' Liam Cormier

The 12 best Skunk Anansie songs, chosen by Skin

The 11 best pop punk songs, by ROAM's Alex Costello

The 10 best songs by The Smiths

The 11 best Foo Fighters videos

The 10 best Descendents songs, ranked in order

The 10 most influential bassists, by Nick Beggs

The 10 best Aerosmith songs you may have overlooked

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The 10 best album sleeves taken from old paintings

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The 100 best albums of 2015: 10-1

The 100 best albums of 2015: 20-11

The 100 best albums of 2015: 30-21

The 100 best albums of 2015: 40-31

The 100 best albums of 2015: 50-41

The 100 best albums of 2015: 60-51

The 100 best albums of 2015: 70-61

The 100 best albums of 2015: 80-71

The 100 best albums of 2015: 90-81

The 100 best albums of 2015: 100-91

The 21 best videos of 2015

The 10 best books of 2015

The 10 best stand-up comedians, by Geddy Lee

The 10 best albums to soundtrack a revolution

The 40 Best AOR Vocalists Of All-Time: 10-1

The 40 best AOR vocalists of all time: 20-11

The 40 best AOR vocalists of all time: 30-21

The 40 best AOR vocalists of all time: 40-31

The 10 best Foo Fighters songs tucked away on b-sides

The 10 best My Bloody Valentine songs, by Failure's Ken Andrews

The 10 best Black Sabbath songs, by Kvelertak's Erlend Hjelvik

The 10 best Queen songs, ranked by their ex-roadie

The 20 Best Hair Metal Anthems Of All Time Ever

The 11 greatest female vocalists, by New Years Day's Ash Costello

The 10 best songs by The Pineapple Thief, by Bruce Soord

The 10 best doom albums according to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

The nine best Nirvana songs that aren't Smells Like Teen Spirit

The 10 most offensive band t-shirts ever

The 10 best bands from Orange County...

The 10 best songs that have shaped Fish's career

The 10 best songs from Scott Weiland's career

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The 10 best Soundgarden songs that aren't Black Hole Sun

The 10 best singles released by Dischord from 1985-2002

The 9 best songs by The Mars Volta

The 10 best songs about the wind

The 10 Best Thin Lizzy Songs, by Europe's Joey Tempest

The 10 best Children Of Bodom songs, by Alexi Laiho

The 10 best obscure country rock songs by Devon Allman

The 10 best Mötley Crüe songs, by Jaret Reddick

The 10 best Henry Rollins film roles

The 10 best Bathory songs, by Enslaved's Ivar Bjørnson

The 10 best songs from Little Steven's Underground Garage

The 10 best Anti-Flag songs by Justin Sane

The 10 most underrated Metallica songs...

The 11 best songs by The Who that aren't on CSI

The 10 best emo anthems, by SayWeCanFly

The 10 best Jethro Tull songs from 1969-1972

The 11 best songs from 1973, by Mikko Von Hertzen

The 11 best Helloween songs, by Chris Jericho

The 10 heaviest Pink Floyd songs

The 10 best songs by The Sweet, by Wednesday 13

The 10 best album covers, by Baroness' John Baizley

The best 12 Therapy? songs, by Andy Cairns

The 10 best Reel Big Fish songs, by Aaron Barrett

The 9 best Nick Cave songs, by Frank Carter

The 10 best Guns N' Roses songs of all time

The 10 best Black Flag songs from 1981-1985

The 10 goriest tracks from Carcass' 1988 debut

The 11 most metal comedians

The 10 best Southern rock songs, by Johnny Van Zant

The 10 best unsung guitar heroes, by Joe Bonamassa

The 12 best Devin Townsend songs, by Devin Townsend

The best 10 obscure '90s goth songs, by Ville Valo

The 12 most influential post-rock records

The 10 best Fall Out Boy songs, by Pete Wentz

The 10 best obscure songs of the '60s, by Rival Sons

The 10 best prog rock songs, by Steve Davis

The 10 best Proto-Thrash songs, by Scott Ian

The 10 best songs by The Ruts & Ruts DC

The 13 best death metal albums of the decade so far

The 10 best Korn songs, by Benji Webbe

The 10 best guitarists, as chosen by Rich Robinson

The 10 best obscure glam rock songs, by Joe Elliott

The 10 best Ramones songs, by Marky Ramone

The 10 best German punk bands, as chosen by Beatsteaks

The 11 best Paradise Lost songs, by Aaron Aedy

The 10 best Lynyrd Skynyrd songs that aren't Freebird

The 10 best lyricists, by SikTh's Mikee Goodman

The 11 best AC/DC riffs, by Airbourne's Joel O'Keeffe

The 11 best Green Day songs, by filmmaker John Roecker

The 12 best songs inspired by comic book heroes

The 10 best Motörhead songs that aren't Ace Of Spades

The 10 best Limp Bizkit songs, by Crossfaith's Kenta Koie

The 10 best Ryan Adams songs

The 10 best podcasts according to Danko Jones

The 5 best songs by Mariachi El Bronx, by Matt Caughthran

The 5 best songs by The Bronx, by Matt Caughthran

The 11 best Love/Hate songs, by Jizzy Pearl

The 10 best uses of bagpipes in rock

The 11 best songs featuring Ronnie James Dio, by Doro

The 11 best Metallica videos

The 12 best songs by Brand New

The 10 best Iron Maiden songs I've produced, by Kevin Shirley

The 10 best songs by The Replacements, by Laura Jane Grace

The 11 best songs by The Get Up Kids

The 11 best political songs by Bruce Springsteen

The 10 best vocal performances by Philip H. Anselmo

The 10 best 'A' songs, chosen by Jason Perry

The 10 best Ash songs, picked by Tim Wheeler

The 10 Best Releases On Fierce Panda

The 10 Best Bjork tracks, by New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert

The 10 defining tracks from The Decline Of Western Civilization

12 Best Alexisonfire Songs as picked by Wade MacNeil

10 Slade Songs That Prove They're Bigger Than Just Xmas

The 10 best Fish-era Marillion songs

8 of the best My Chemical Romance songs featuring different drummers

The 10 best Gaslight Anthem B-sides and rarities

The 10 best early Queensryche tracks, by Michael Wilton

The 10 best Bright Eyes songs by Frank Iero

The 10 best Ozzy songs by his guitarist Gus G

The 10 Best Alice Cooper Songs, by Dennis Dunaway

The 10 best punk songs from the School of '76

The 10 Best Double Albums In Rock

The 10 best Reef songs as chosen by Gary Stringer

The 11 best Avenged Sevenfold songs chosen by Fearless Vampire Killers

The 10 best Rollins Band songs chosen by Chris Haskett

The 10 best Sabaton songs released before 2008

The 10 best James Bond theme songs

The 10 best Accept songs as chosen by Andy Sneap


The 10 best Hüsker Dü songs written by Grant Hart

The 10 best Rush songs according to the Trailer Park Boys

The 10 best Rammstein songs from 1997-2002

The 10 best Cable songs as chosen by bassist Peter Darrington

The 11 best songs to feature the art of whistling

The 10 best David Bowie riffs according to Hotei

The 11 best cover versions by The Fall

The 11 best Joy Division songs as chosen by Therapy?'s Andy Cairns

The 11 best Dream Theater songs

The 10 best Saxon anthems chosen by Biff Byford

The 10 best Cardiacs songs as chosen by Mike Vennart

The 13 best Red Hot Chili Peppers songs about California

The 12 best Cradle Of Filth tracks selected by Dani Filth

The 10 best ska-punk bands of the '90s

The 11 most miserable songs according to My Dying Bride's Lena Abé

The 13 best cameos in The Simpsons

The 10 best Scorpions albums chosen by Rudolf Schenker

The 11 best songs that define Max Cavalera's career

The 11 best Iron Maiden songs based on history

The 10 best Biffy Clyro songs picked by their tour manager Neil

The 12 best songs as heard on 'I'm Alan Partridge'

The 11 best Queens Of The Stone Age songs chosen by Jesse Hughes

The 13 best songs by Jawbreaker

The best eight songs from Speedo's eight bands

The 12 best Twisted Sister songs according to Mike Portnoy

The 10 best Black Sabbath covers

12 reasons why Canada rocks!

The 11 best songs recorded by Jawbox

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The 10 Best Deftones Songs Released During 1995-2000

The 10 Best Live Albums Of All Time

The 11 best songs about dinosaurs

The 10 best Bay Area thrash albums

The 10 best songs by Iggy Pop from 1977–1982

The 10 best songs by Morphine from 1992-1997

The 10 best Dead Kennedys songs as chosen by East Bay Ray

The 10 best Killing Joke songs according to Billy Gould


The 10 best Kiss songs you won't hear live

The 10 best albums released through Relapse Records

The 10 best comedy metal songs

The 10 best moments at Download Festival

The 10 best Black Flag songs Henry Rollins didn't yell

The 10 best songs about Vikings

The 10 best Queen songs Freddie didn't sing

The 10 best wrestling entrance themes

The 10 best songs by Kyuss according to John Garcia

The 10 best songs recorded by Hanoi Rocks between 1981–1984

The 10 Best Years Of Music – by Ginger Wildheart

The 10 best album tracks Weezer have recorded since 2002

The 10 best songs by The Jesus Lizard

The 10 best Celtic Frost songs by Paradise Lost's Nick Holmes

The 10 best 2 Tone songs as chosen by The Selecter's Pauline Black

The 10 best Social Distortion songs by Mike Ness

10 rock songs featuring classic film samples

The 10 best songs by The Jam by Rick Buckler

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The 10 best rock covers of songs from 1980–1990 by Gun's Dante Gizzi

The 10 Best Judas Priest songs from 1974-1984

The 10 best James Hetfield appearances every Metallica fan should hear

Don't Stop Me: The 10 Best Queen Songs According To Justin Hawkins

The 10 best Voivod albums ranked in order by Snake

The Top 10 Best Post-Back In Black AC/DC Songs