The 100 best albums of 2015: 40-31

Here’s the seventh part of our greatest album releases of 2015 from TeamRock, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues. What albums have you rated this year? Let us know in the comments below…

40. BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME – Coma Ecliptic (Metal Blade)
Prog said: ”Previously inclined to indulge in runaway blitzkrieg battery, the group are – at times – more reined in, but without dropping much of their intrinsic intensity. The jam-packed Coma Ecliptic shows that Between The Buried And Me continue to be one of the most engaging and forward-thinking prog metal bands around.”

39. FALL OUT BOY – American Beauty/American Psycho (Island/DCD2)
We said: “The band are exploring new territory and evolving their sound, so if it was Fall Out Boy’s intention to create an album full of songs that would ignite dance floors worldwide – then they’ve certainly nailed it.”

38. YOUNG GUNS – Ones and Zeroes (Virgin EMI)
We said: “Young Guns have, from the beginning, made no bones about the fact they’re as much a pop band as a rock band. It’s an album of unashamed ambition, and one, in so being, that proves that you can still strive for real commercial success and keep your integrity intact. They’ve done their work and they’ve done it well. It’s now up to everyone else to give them the credit they’re due.”

37. BLACKBERRY SMOKE – Holding All The Roses (Earache)
Classic Rock said: “If you thought Blackberry Smoke might be fun but lack depth, Holding All The Roses provides luscious, well-balanced evidence to the contrary. A highly more-ish record with real soul and class.”

36. DON BROCO – Automatic (Epic)
We said: “Proving that 80s-tinged pop can be still be cool when done well, Don Broco have grown their star power tenfold with this, their groove-laden second album. This summer’s festival slots proved that Automatic’s breezy anthems work just as well live as on record, and have cemented their place in both pop and rock fanbases.”

35. PARADISE LOST – The Plague Within (Century Media)
Metal Hammer said: “With the same studio production credits as Cathedral on their valedictory The Last Spire, The Plague Within has some of the feel of that album: deadly solemn, mature crystalline elegance counterposed against a celebratory modernisation of atavistic extreme impulses. A few amiable fillers notwithstanding, it’s an emotional experience for any who ever loved this eminently loveable, if frequently stubborn and frustrating band.”

34. TWENTY ONE PILOTS – Blurryface (Atlantic)
We said: ”Back in the spring, we knew that this Ohio duo had crafted an album which would make the world sit up and take notice. Not heard it yet? Then check out the lead single Fairly Local – it’s dark, eerie and will immediately set you on edge. It’s just one of the reasons why Twenty One Pilots are one of the most exciting acts right now.”

33. GARY CLARK JR – The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim (Warner Bros)
Blues said: “Clark’s search for a consistent style hovers somewhere between the falsetto vocals of Curtis Mayfield, Frederick Knight and Prince, with trippy beats and edgy guitar solos, but never really settles. There are occasional blind alleys, such as the Dylan-ish Church, complete with acoustic strumming and harmonica, and moments when you wonder if he’s just trying something on for size, such as the lazy, swirling Wings or the stadium rock riffs of Stay. It’s an indulgent trip; maybe something he needs to get out of his system while he finds his own niche. And like any worthwhile story, it’s to be continued.”

32. TURBOWOLF – Two Hands (Spinefarm)
We said: “Turbowolf seem to have found the perfect blend of old and new, heavy and sexy, weird and accessible, and songs that are both thought-provoking and highly danceable. Two Hands is an album we can all get excited about, from the indie kids and the art rockers, to the punks and the metal heads. Ultimately, it’s just about great songs, and this album has it in spades.”

31. MOTÖRHEAD – Bad Magic (UDR)
Metal Hammer said: “After the initial thrill of new tunes, most ’Head diehards will still revert to Ace Of Spades and Bomber in favour of anything new. It seems unlikely that Bad Magic will change that, but it should. This is the most vicious, raw and fervently punk record that Motörhead have made since the 80s.”