The 100 best albums of 2015: 90-81

We’re counting down the best albums of the year, as recommended by the people at TeamRock, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues. Here’s the second in a 10-part series…

90. JEFF LYNNE’S ELO – Alone In The Universe (Columbia)
Classic Rock said: “All lush synths and keening loveliness, the title track is as epic and anthemic a finale, complete with Beach Boys-esque coda, as you could wish for from an ELO comeback album. Alone In The Universe is a triumph of songcraft and studio invention, one that trounces notions of soft rock and guilty pleasures. He might be a man alone, but he’s got the whole world, potentially, in his hands. Again. “

**89. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – Got Your Six (Eleven Seven)
Metal Hammer said: **“Every second, every note, practically swells with the hunger, passion and swagger they’ve made their very own. My Nemesis, is the best thing on the whole album, a spidery, slow-burning anthem with a chorus that stalks your subconscious and has ‘Live Favourite’ plastered all over it..”

88. HAWK EYES – Everything Is Fine (Red Vole)
We said: “The band formerly known as Chickenhawk have never been an easy listen, but they’ve always been a thrilling one. This year’s much anticipated third record is no exception. Though less brutal and insane than stuff they’ve done in the past, Everything Is Fine is nevertheless a powerful, enthralling record that lives up to expectation.”

87. ANEKDOTEN – Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (Musea/Virta)
Prog said: “It takes patience to be an Anekdoten fan. The Swedes have done just a smattering of shows over the past few years, and it’s been a full eight years since they released their last album, A Time Of Day… Here at last, the sixth release of their two-decade career is accomplished, measured and a deeply satisfying delve back into their soundworld, one awash with Mellotron, melodies, drama, mystery, and killer beats…Well worth the wait. “

86. WAR ON WOMEN – War On Women (Bridge 9)
We said: ”This Baltimore quintet’s self-titled debut album – produced by Jawbox frontman J. Robbins – is comprised of 11 tracks of abrasive, impactful hardcore, all wrapped up in vocalist Shawna Potter’s eloquent lyrics. Simply put, War On Women are one of the most compelling new hardcore bands in America.”

85. TITUS ANDRONICUS – The Most Lamentable Tragedy (Merge Records)
We said: “Four albums into their career, New Jersey punks have Titus Andronicus have delivered a 93-minute rock opera in five parts. Boiled down, The Most Lamentable Tragedy sounds like Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life and The Who’s Quadrophenia butting heads in a sweaty club while that Craig Finn from The Hold Steady runs around breathlessly shouting ‘Fight!’. Superb.”

84. WHILE SHE SLEEPS – Brainwashed (Search and Destroy)
Metal Hammer said: “It might not have the instant impact of their debut album, but all the elements of the While She Sleeps formula are there and finely tuned – and once the intense chemical reaction starts, it won’t burn itself out. As D12 famously and succinctly put it, ‘This is fight music’, and we’re now deep in the second round of what could be While She Sleeps’ eventual title win to be crowned the heavyweight champions of British metal.”

83. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL – Zipper Down (Caroline)
We said: ”Eagles Of Death Metal’s fourth album – their first in seven years – is packed to the brim with Quo-driven guitars, handclaps, punk, glam and bubblegum-poppin’ sass, delivered by one of the most compelling frontmen in rock’n’roll, Jessie ‘The Devil’ Hughes’…”

82. BETH HART – Better Than Home (Provogue)
Classic Rock said: “After a lifetime of amazing opportunities dashed by personal turmoil, Better Than Home finds Beth Hart on an even keel and in a confessional frame of mind, with family at the forefront of her thoughts… her heart is laid bare in a manner that just manages to avoid becoming cloying. It helps, of course, that she has the kind of belting blues-rock voice that could bring down light aircraft, rocking up the more maudlin moments like fireworks at a wake.”

81. MYRKUR – M (Relapse)
We said: “The latest album by Myrkur – Danish multi-instrumentalist and singer Amalie Bruun – is dramatic, beautiful, haunting and heavy in equal measures. The 11-song collection pulls together Nordic folk, black metal, classical, drone, doom and dream-pop at various stages to astonishing effect. M defies direct categorisation, and from here, Myrkur’s music could really go anywhere. Brilliant.”