The best 10 obscure '90s goth songs, by Ville Valo


H.I.M. frontman and confirmed bat-botherer Ville Valo rifles through the dustier corners of his attic to uncover some dark-hearted treasures.


“No, the name doesn’t exactly inspire thoughts of goth-dom, but I love this lot. They were a German band, in the vein of Sisters Of Mercy – they used a drum machine, sang about amphetamines and sounded bleak in the way that only Germans can do. And you can dance to them too.”

KILLING MIRANDA – Touched By Jesus (1998)
“Another British band. They started out in the gothic vein but later moved into an industrial direction. Touched By Jesus is as evocative and deviant as the title suggests – not a religious song at all. It’s very sexual and disturbed. It makes you want to stand in front of a mirror and paint your lips black.”

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