The 11 greatest female vocalists, by New Years Day's Ash Costello

She might be the archetypal goth vocalist, but New Years Day’s Ash Costello’s taste in music doesn’t just stop there.

From her appreciation of jazz icon Billie Holiday to Heart’s Wilson sisters and a newfound love of the late Amy Winehouse, the musicians who’ve inspired her during her decade-long career are from across the entire music spectrum.

Here, then, are the 11 vocalists who’ve influenced Costello – as well as soundtracked the band’s lengthy drives on their many tours…

Ash Costello, centre

Ash Costello, centre

Ash: “She’s awesome, isn’t she? And she’s handling her divorce with such poise and grace, I love her. Gwen was the first person I saw in concert when I was 12, which made me really want to be in a band. She’s the right mixture of cute and sassy, and ninja-kick-ass-don’t-fuck-with-me. It was the perfect combination and I really identified with it.”

“Her songs are a little twisted and fucked up, and kind of dark. But the music was so catchy. And the clothes she wore – I remember when I saw her, she was wearing an army jacket and a tutu and combat boots and it was so adorable.”

“She was one of the first women in punk. She’s so sassy and beautiful, and, with the Blondie single Rapture, she was one of the first female rappers if you think about it…”

“I like Billie Holliday a lot! I mean, what an amazing voice! She has a sad story; she died penniless and alone – which I think is probably my fate.”

“I never saw her on tour or met her, but she was my favourite when I was younger. I just loved the way she dressed and the music; they were a rock band, but there was a really poppy sound in there too.”

“She was a visionary, and so ahead of her time. She was so fashion-forward – there were no boundaries with her. What’s not to love?”

“Do you know Crazy On You? It’s a really hard song to sing. And Barracuda, that’s a great song too. Ann and Nancy are great.”

“She was a punk rocker in her own right. She was so influential and I have to mention her.”

“I loved her as a kid. It was an Orange County ska thing. If you lived in California in the 90s like I did, you liked ska, and you liked Gwen Stefani and Monique Powell. She kind of gave up music which is a shame, but she was incredible, she had such a voice.”

“I never really got it until recently but she was so fucking good! Her lyrics were so real, it’s incredible. Maybe it was a little too out of my time to really appreciate. I like singers with the sad stories, and her story is so sad.”

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