Classic Rock's Tracks of the Week

It's Friday, and our headphones have taken so much abuse this week we've put them in a big pile and torched the lot. The culprits? This lot.

Within Temptation And We Run ft. Xzibit

Is this the first known example of female-fronted symphonic rap-metal? We’re saying it is. [](

Ghost Wolves Gonna Live

It’s three years old, but this riotous slice of modern hillbilly blues has us all excited this week. The clip is brilliantly choreographed, and features the most unlikely drum riser ever. [](

Ronny Munroe (Metal Church), Dave Rude (Tesla) & Pamela Moore The Others (Long Live Heavy Metal)

Featuring Ronny Munroe (Metal Church), Pamela Moore (Queensryche’s “Sister Mary”) and Dave Rude (Tesla), this searing metal tribute features lines like “denim and leather, defending the faith, the metal takes over the whole human race”. You get the idea. [](

Marvel Danish Rush

We thought we might be getting a Scandinavian tribute to 2112, but no, it’s some masked superheroes running amok in the streets of Stockholm. [](

Bodycount Talk S**t, Get Shot

After an eight-year hiatus, Ice-T and chums are back with some further adventures in in-your-face thrash-punk. It’s all quite sweary and rather violent. [](

Isolated Atoms Feels Like Forever

Thumping, thrusting riffs and a very big chorus. There’s a little bit (actually, quite a lot) of Axl Rose in the voice. [](

Electric Citizen Burning In Hell

Femme-fronted retro rock goes all Zep/Sabs/Uncle Acid with the excellent Electric Citizen, from Ohio. Click here if you like Blood Ceremony, Purson and Coven. Luckily we all do. [](

Caleb Johnson Love Gun and Shout It Out Loud ft. Kiss

Whatever you think of American Idol, young Caleb Johnson has a serious set of pipes on him. Judging by this performance, Paul Stanley is struggling to keep his intact. [](

Black Spiders Stick It To The Man

Stick it to the man! Revolution, man! A fiery slice of polemic pie from the band’s new album This Savage Land. Roll on Sonisphere. [](

Holy Mountain LV-42666

Here Glasgow’s psych-rock trio come at us like some sort of Satanic licence plate strapped to a tripped-out Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If you’re gonna get run over by riff-monster, this might as well be the soundtrack. [](

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