12 cheap upgrades you can make to improve your vinyl setup

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You might have a nice record player, and a fantastic collection of music to play on it, but there’s always room for improvement! From vinyl-cleaning kits to storage solutions, record weights to guidebooks, there are lots of accessories out there that’ll help you upgrade your vinyl set-up and improve your overall listening experience – and the great news is that many are available at a low price. Whatever your reasons for loving vinyl records, you’ll want to ensure that the experience is as fabulous as it can be.

If you’re totally new to the whole vinyl thing and are yet to buy any hardware, check out our guide to the best record players for beginners, where you’ll find a list of turntables – both manual and automatic – for newbies. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your vinyl set-up without getting your bank manager in a spin…

Cheap vinyl setup upgrades: Product guide

Cheap vinyl setup upgrades: Buying advice

Buying vinyl records is not a cheap hobby, especially when you add in deluxe box sets, limited-edition coloured vinyl and rare and valuable wax. The costs soon mount up – and that's why we've put together this list of cheap products that will enhance your vinyl set-up without eating into your vinyl budget.

We all want to keep our record collections in tip-top shape, and get the most out of our music, so items such as phono pre-amps, vinyl storage solutions, cleaning products, slip mats, isolation pads and widgets that will help you to play 7-inch singles are pretty much essential. We’ve included all of those in this guide, choosing options that’ll do the job brilliantly without leaving you on the breadline for the rest of the month. 

We’ve also recommended a rather handy book, from the bods at Haynes, that contains all the information you could possibly need to make your vinyl-playing journey go as smoothly as possible. 

Don't forget that the Louder team have put together a bunch of sweet-sounding guides to help you with your purchasing decisions, so whether you're after a new Bluetooth turntable, a portable record player, or a sweet pair of headphones for vinyl, then we have you covered.

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