Classic Rock's Tracks of the Week

This week's selection of cleverly embedded music features the return of at least two legends, and the start, perhaps, of several more.

**Bob Seger **— Detroit Made The song is a celebration of Detroit Motor City’s most famous industry, while the video is full of hot rods, with throbbing pistons and gleaming camshafts and whatnot. If you’re wondering, the line “she’s a Detroit made deuce and a quarter” refers to the Buick Electra 225. For the pedestrians amongst you, that’s a type of old car.

Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979 We thought these two had split a decade ago, but no! The Toronto trunk-punk howlers are back with new album, The Physical World, and this beaty, breathy thrum born of hair, sweat, beards and, err… white dungarees. If that hasn’t put you off get those toes tapping now.

Orange GoblinSabbath Hex This song is so terrifyingly heavy that the entire office has spent the day hiding under a duvet. Even the folk at Metal Hammer, and they ain’t scared of shit. Can we come out now? It’s a big duvet, but it’s getting late and some of us suffer from claustrophobia.

In FaithDoes It Feel Like Love “This lot are big in AOR circles”, says AOR Magazine’s editor Geoff ‘Prince of AOR’ Barton. But Does it feel like love? Why, yes, we suppose it does. This song is so pristine and shiny and harmonious that it might otherwise be mistaken for a flute. One made by Apple.

SkyscraperMonday Morning “This lot are also big in AOR circles”, says AOR Magazine’s editor Geoff ‘King of AOR’ Barton. This selfsame track is on the CD that comes with the new issue of AOR magazine, which is out this week and comes stuffed with all your AOR favourites.

ReplacementsAlex Chilton They’re back! They’re really back! The boozy little rascals appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show this week, 30 years after being banned by Saturday Night Life (the band apparently took too much advantage of the hospitality, leading to an extremely ramshackle performance of Kiss me on the Bus) and banished from American TV forever. But now they’re back! Back! BACK!

Handsome Jack - Echoes “Some people call it a vibe and some people call it a groove. We call it boogie soul.” That’s what Handsome Jack have to say about their sound, and it’s a pretty good description, to be honest. It’s from the new album Doing What Comes Naturally, which is out in October on Alive Records, who are probably our favourite purveyors of spectacularly coloured vinyl.

The Rentals - 1000 Seasons Taken from new album Lost In Alphaville, it’s powerpop a-go-go from an outfit that features Matt Sharp from Weezer and Patrick Carney from The Black Keys. Infused with the energy of “hit record, let’s go”, swing this way if you like The Cars, Rick Springfield and Jellyfish.

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