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This week, Classic Rock 202 was sent to the printers. We lay in a heap for a while, exhausted, then we went to the pub. Then we came straight back again and listened to new music for a long time. And when we were done, we put our favourites onto the internet, in the shape of this very webpage. We hope you enjoy them.

**Counting Crows — **Scarecrow

According to the press release, Counting Crows have “bequeathed” us this new video, which is extremely nice of them. Thanks guys! It’s a bit like Thelma and Louise, but with chaps instead of ladies, and the song is a sweetly rockin’ slice of smooth Americana.

**Tyred Eyes — **Marble Homes, Granite Banks

If this band named themselves after looking into our peepers the minute after CR202 went to press this week they should have been called Pissholes In The Snow. Still, Tyred Eyes do a grand job of some alt grunge racketting in a tin shed while Hammer Horror babe Johanna Hellqvist warbles atonnally, putting the goth in Gothenburg.

**Zodiac — **Sonic Child

Friday’s horoscope: a Münster-based four-piece will enter your life, bearing a gift of some delightful Screaming Trees-like rock riffery with a cool, bluesy twist. Attractive men and women will flock to your side after repeat plays. A neighbour will become angry because his front path is teeming with attractive people who aren’t interested in him. Your lucky vegetable is turnip.

Red RacerDefine

Jesse Wood recently completed this part-desert part-punky rock trio – who’ve just completed work on their debut LP with (Eagles Of Death Metal dude) Jesse Hughes. They’re a bit good, if this robust li’l number is anything to go by.

HeatSiamese Smile

Once we’d vanquished initial thoughts of the Siamese cats in Lady And The Tramp (“we are Siameeeese if you pleeeese… meow”) we realised Siamese Smile is actually proper good. Hard rock of a bluesy-psych nature from Berlin. Hot stuff (obviously – they are called Heat, it’s in their contract).

J MascisEvery Morning

Ahh, J Mascis, with your lovely long hair and your array of alarming foot pedals. What are doing these days? Ooh, you’re doing one of those acoustic things you do from time to time, which suit your voice so well. This makes us bounce like goats on a trampoline. Sweet solo, too.

The Mojo GurusWhere You Hidin’ Your Love

“It’s got kind of a cool little brass thing going on”, says Classic Rock’s Editor Siân “Siân” Llewellyn, and indeed it has. It’s a fistful of full-throttle rock’n’roll of the type Jack Douglas (who the band have worked with in the past) used to make with Aerosmith. Mmmm, greasy.

Everyone Dies In The EndWe Bears Are A Proud Race

This is what happens when metal bands go all post-rock on our ass. They start releasing tracks with names like There Are Bigger Things Happening Here Than Me And You and Who Are You, Whom I So Faintly Hear and Look! There’s a Bi-plane! Where? Over There! (we made that last one up). This one’s called We Bears Are A Proud Race, and we like bears, so it’s in.

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