Snap up to 50% savings on Queen, Slipknot and Metallica accessories this Cyber Monday with Etsy

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Online retailler Etsy are going all-in for the sale spirit with online savings available this Cyber Week. From personalised gifts to items for pets, the home and beyond, Etsy has something for just about everyone - even the kvlt metalhead looking to accessorise. 

We've dug through the sales to pick out some of the items that got us most excited, either as the perfect gift for that music-loving friend, or just a cheeky treat from you to yourself to find the perfect necklace or ring that broadcasts your exceptional tastes to the world. We've already given you a heads up on a unique Iron Maiden necklace, but here are some more rock and metal friendly items that you should investigate. 

50% off a Queen necklace:

50% off a Queen necklace: One of rock's most iconic bands deserves an equally iconic design when it comes to merch. You can now grab this stunning Queen necklace for just £10.36.

Half-price off Metallica's St. Anger necklace:

Half-price off Metallica's St. Anger necklace: Pin your colours to the mast when it comes to Metallica's controversial St. Anger and grab the album's iconic fist cover in necklace form for just £10.36. 

Metallica's ...And Justice For All Necklace just £10.36:

Metallica's ...And Justice For All Necklace just £10.36: Decidedly less contentious in classic Metallica album stakes (depending on who you ask, at least), you can also grab a canny 50% saving on this superb Justice For All themed necklace. 

40% off Slipknot mask rings:

40% off Slipknot mask rings: Since rising to prominence at the tail-end of the 20th Century, Slipknot have been firmly established as one of metal's most iconic bands. Now you can grab one of the band's iconic masks as a ring for £23.42 via Etsy. 

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