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Cyber Monday: Save nearly $100 on the Queen coloured vinyl box set at Amazon US

Queen - Studio Collection box set
(Image credit: Hollywood Records)

Cyber Monday music deals (opens in new tab) continue to entice us. And we've also picked up a new kettle, a lifetime subscription to the Peruvian-language edition of National Geographic, and an irrigation system for a dairy farm. Basically, we're suckers for a bargain. 

And here's another. Amongst all the Cyber Monday vinyl deals, one deal really stands out: Amazon in the US have knocked nearly $100 off the Queen's coloured vinyl 18-LP Complete Studio Collection (opens in new tab).  

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Queen Complete Studio Collection: Was $466.98, now $368.07 (opens in new tab)
The 18 vinyl LP box set comes with a lavishly illustrated 12 x 12 inch 108 page hardback book which features introductions to each album, quotes from Queen themselves, hand-written lyrics, rare photographs, memorabilia, and information on singles and videos.

Since being released in 2015, the Complete Studio Collection has been reproduced and sold out several times. And so it should. For while Queen's Greatest Hits is perhaps the greatest Greatest Hits of them all, confirming the band's reputation as a singles band, Complete Studio Collection tells another story: that they were also a magnificent albums band. 

Complete Studio Collection features Queen's 15 studio albums across 18 half-speed mastered, 180g coloured vinyl LPs, and comes with an 108-page hardback book.

  • Queen: Purple vinyl
  • Queen II: double White and Black single sided-vinyl with etched reverses
  • Sheer Heart Attack: Red vinyl
  • A Night At The Opera: White vinyl
  • A Day At The Races: Black vinyl
  • News Of The World: Green vinyl
  • Jazz: Pink vinyl
  • The Game: Silver vinyl
  • Flash Gordon: Yellow vinyl
  • Hot Space: Blue vinyl
  • The Works: Red vinyl
  • A Kind Of Magic: Orange vinyl
  • The Miracle: Blue-Green vinyl
  • Innuendo: Blue and purple double vinyl
  • Made In Heaven: Blue and Clear double vinyl

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