Tool feel guilt over album delay


Justin Chancellor says Tool feel guilty over the amount of time it’s taken them to complete a follow-up to 2006 album 10,000 Days.

But he argues that they’ve fought hard to get to a place where they can explore every possibility of a musical idea – and that’s why they’re not going to rush into finishing their fifth record.

Chancellor tells Bass Player: “It’s a compliment that people are excited to hear it, but it’s difficult to hear that and not feel some kind of guilt.

“All I can say is that we’ll go back Monday and do our best to finish it for you. That’s not really how it works, but we know the listeners will be happy with it when it’s finished.”

He’s offered a hint at their way of thinking by revealing that they’re been working on a single song for several months.

Chancellor tells Bass Player: “We get the gist of it and find the main themes that make up the skeleton between verses and choruses.

“Then we explore different ways we can depart from that, come back to it, flip it upside down, and take the time to see what else is there.

“Everyone knows we take our time. We’re really trying to be responsible with ourselves in trying to discover ideas that haven’t been discovered before.

“It’s kind of an alchemy, how we experiment.”

While frontman Maynard James Keenan recently described Tool’s writing process as “tedious,” Chancellor prefers the word ”gruelling” and points out that, along with touring duties, the band members each have personal responsibilities.

“We’ve also been through a lot of difficult lawsuits,” he adds. “They’re a bit of a bummer and not inspiring creatively.

“But we’ve fought to be in this position. It’s almost a responsibility to take the time to explore special concepts while we’re on this planet.

“We’re doing our best to find something that blows us all away. We want each other to be completely happy with what we produce.

“I’m excited that there’s going to be another album and the material will be very inspiring. So why rush it now?”

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