Tool album: Only ‘shorter’ songs to complete says webmaster


Tool webmaster Blair McKenzie Blake has reported that the band have nearly completed work on the instrumental parts of their long-awaited sixth album.

Fans have been living in anticipation for a almost exactly a decade since the release of 10,000 Days in May 2006.

Last year guitarist Adam Jones said that the end of a drawn-out legal battle would speed up work on the record. But in March frontman Maynard James Keenan reported: “We just can’t seem to move forward.”

Blake writes in a Tool website bulletin: “I believe there are only a couple of ‘shorter’ songs left to complete, along with a segue or two or three.”

He adds: “Of course, we need to keep in mind any changes that might be needed to accommodate the vocals, etc, once the arrangements are finished.”

In an interview last year, Blake recalled hearing the instrumental tracks for 10,000 Days before Keenan had recorded his parts, saying: “I always tried to imagine what Maynard would be doing in certain sections, but when it actually came time for him to do so, it totally surpassed anything that I was envisioning.

“The right musical arrangement has to be there in the first place for him to do what he does so well. From the musical arrangements of the new material that I have heard so far, there are lots of places for Maynard to really shine.”

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