The best Metallica merch 2022: amazing gifts for the Metallica fan in your life

Metallica are the biggest metal band on the planet bar none. Since forming in 1982, they’ve released 10 studio albums, selling more than 125 million copies worldwide. With their debut album, Kill ’Em All, they put thrash on the map, changing the course of metal in the 1980s, and iconic songs such as One and Enter Sandman are among the most recognisable metal anthems ever.

Now is the perfect time to share your love of Metallica with the world. And how about some cracking merch to go along with the sounds? Look no further, as we've hand-picked some of our very favourite items from the Metallica universe.

The best Metallica merch you can buy right now

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Metallicsa: S&M2 box set

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. S&M2 massive vinyl box set

No strangers to lavish, celebratory box sets, the latest enormo-bundle celebrates last year's historic sequel to the Bay Area behemoths' collaboration with their hometown symphony. A deluxe 4-LP, 2-CD and Blu Ray set plus sheet music, poster and plectrums matches the grandiosity of the occasion.

2. …And Justice For All jigsaw puzzle

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Joining the ranks of classic albums by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Slayer, you can now while away an afternoon piecing together your favourite Metallica records in jigsaw form. The band's first four LPs are all available as 500-piece jigsaw puzzles, with the artwork for …And Justice For All probably being the most family activity-friendly.

Metallica watches

(Image credit: Nixon)

3. Metallica Nixon watches

Metallica teamed up with high end watchmakers Nixon to produce these stylish and durable timepieces – perfectly telling the time when your phone runs empty after listening to the Black Album on repeat all day. Choose from a variety of album-inspired designs, with the creepy stainless steel Sandman watch, with its claw hand sub-dials and 'Barb' second hand overloaded with fun reference-points.

Metallica funko rocks figures

(Image credit: Funk Pops)

4. Metallica Funko Rocks figures

You can make your own Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame out of these curious collectible Funko Rocks vinyl figures that have taken the world by storm  The four members of Metallica and Lady Justice from ...And Justice For All have been out for some time and are becoming increasingly rare, so don't dawdle if you want to pick one up.

Metallica Ride The Lightning Jacket

(Image credit: EMP)

5. Ride The Lightning jacket

In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer is amazed to find 'The World's Best Jacket' while shopping. If it had been Otto Mann making that claim we imagine he'd be eyeing up something like this. 

Metallica ESP LTD Snakebyte James Hetfield Signature Guitar

(Image credit: ESP)

6. Limited edition James Hetfield ESP signature guitar

James Hetfield is the undisputed king of riffs, and there are few sights more iconic than Papa Het onstage in full flight, ESP guitar in hand. Though you're not guaranteed to achieve the same success, his signature guitar will help you getting that tonal crunch as well as looking the business while striking your stage-ready pose.

(Image credit: EMP)

7. Master Of Puppets short sleeve shirt

There are still a few weeks of summer left, so plenty of time to show your Metallica with this suitably loud Master Of Puppets shirt. There are other equally ostentatious versions available, including Hawaiian Inc, Sunset Skulls and a shirt featuring all of their album covers, but given Master Of Puppets is one of the greatest albums of all time it's the one that's best suited to making a statement.

(Image credit: Orion)

8. Enter Night biography by Mick Wall

If you read one book on metal's biggest band, make it this in-depth examination  from one of rock's most revered scribes, Mick Wall. Having also written tomes on Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, Wall's knowledge and insight covers all the bases and answers the difficult questions. Essential.

Metallica Cliff Burton T shirt

(Image credit: EMP)

9. Cliff Burton t-shirt

Get yourself this t-shirt of Cliff wearing a Misfits t-shirt! The ultimate metalhead's metalhead is lovingly drawn with his Rickenbacker bass, with the 'Burton' title aping Metallica's iconic logo. 

Metallica Lars Ulrich drumsticks

(Image credit: Ahead)

10. Lars Ulrich signature “Scary Guy” drumsticks

Not every Metalli-fan wants to be James or Kirk, making these signature Ahead ALU-SG Lars Ulrich "Scary Guy" Drumstick a must for all drummers. Heavier and more durable than wooden sticks but doing less damage to skins and cymbals, they're ideal for pummeling the kit while playing through One. 

Metallica skull

(Image credit: EMP)

11. Sad But True skull

A gory hand reaches up holding a fanged skull emblazoned with the Metallica logo… this collectible statuette isn't the kind of thing you normally find at the merchandise stand. No, it's not quite as cute as a Funko Pop but seriously what's not to love?

Metalica Monopoly

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12. Metallica Monopoly Game

With the ruthless, competitive environment it creates, Monopoly is a pretty brutal boargame. But if landing on a demonic Jump In The Fire (Community Chest) space with your Kill ’Em All hammer doesn't fill you with some sort of glee then maybe you should stick to Downton Abbey Cluedo.

(Image credit: Etsy)

13. Handmade woodcut Metallica clock

It's sad but true that those wonderful Nixon watches are a little bit on the pricey side, so this handmade wooden clock is a more affordable Metallic timekeeper. The carved images of the 90s incarnation of the band add a certain menace to this handsome collectible.

Metallica Don't Tread On Me doormat

(Image credit: Pyramid Internafional)

14. Don’t Tread On Me doormat

See what they did there? Hopefully those who come over your place will be in on the joke and use it, otherwise your nod to the Black Album thumper may result in your carpet resembling the album cover.

(Image credit: EMP)

15. No Life 'Til Leather patch

 For the fans who only liked Metallica when Ron McGovney was on bass, this patch of the band's most famous early demo tape will show everyone how amazingly true you are. Of course everyone else who isn't a pillock can also pick one up for their battle jacket. (View deal 

Metallica Blackened Whiskey

16. Blackened American Whiskey

A spirit to give you fuel, fire and that which you desire, Blackened has had rave reviews from the whiskey world since it launched in 2018. Made with distiller Dave Pickerell there are strong notes of brandy and other flavours you can pick up on as you listen to specially curated playlist of the band's songs to enhance the experience.

(Image credit: ebay)

17. Bespoke tour posters

Recent tours have seen Metallica collaborate with a huge variety of talented artists to produce bespoke poster and t-shirt designs for every single concert. True 'I was there' collector pieces, eBay is a great place to find posters from gigs you've attended or to pick up some one of a kind designs.

James Hetfield canvas print

(Image credit: Etsy)

18. James Hetfield canvas print

Sturdier and more artistic than your run of the mill band poster, this canvas print of the Metallica frontman would add a touch of class to any living room. It'll offset that visceral handheld skull we know you've already added to your basket. 

Master Of Poopies baby bib

(Image credit: Amazon)

19. Master Of Poopies baby bib

Not all Metallica fans have been there since Dave Mustaine was in the band, so the latest additions to the Family-ah! need to show their colours too. Yes this bib is on the vulgar side but there aren't many things you can be a master of at six months old. 

(Image credit: Billabong)

20. Metallica x Billabong board shorts

Another collaboration between the band and a leader in its field, these board shorts from beachside fashion leaders Billabong are another indispensable addition to any fan's summer wardrobe. There's a few to choose from including lightning bolt and camo designs, while the serious sea enthusiasts can even pick up a Ride The Lightning wet suit. 

(Image credit: EMP)

21. Misfits T-shirt

Seemingly part of the Metallica uniform during the 80s, the band were proud to show their adoration for horror punk pioneers, the Misfits – bassist Cliff Burton even had the spooky skull symbol tattooed on his arm. Pick up a pair of bell-bottoms and a denim jacket to go with this tee, or alternatively...

Metallica Damage Inc earrings

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22. Damage Inc earrings

The album closer on Master Of Puppets spawned the maces poteruding from a skull design that has become one of Metallica's most ensuring visual symbols. These nifty stud earrings are both super detailed and 100% metal as fuck. (View deal

Metallica shot glasses

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23. Scary Guy shot glasses

Another famous Metallica icon, The Scary Guy has adorned the band's merch for decades, including lots on this list. His presence on these shot glasses make them ideal for sipping Blackened whiskey or whatever spirit takes your fancy.

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