White Willow release Future Hopes video

White Willow
White Willow
(Image: © Dagfinn Hob\u00e6k)

White Willow have released a video for their song Future Hopes exclusively with Prog.

It’s the title track from the Norwegian outfit’s upcoming seventh album, which will launch on March 31. It will be their first studio release since 2011’s Terminal Twilight.

Guitarist Jacob Holm-Lupo tells Prog: “I actually wrote these songs a couple of years ago, and the title is ironic, seeing as even at that point I felt there wasn’t that much future hope.

“I grew up in an age of scientific optimism – the 70s and 80s – and I was an avid reader of science fiction. As I have grown up and seen the future come and go, I feel that ‘future’ is a term that doesn’t quite hold the magic it used to.

“The whole album is really about that. How do you cope with a future that seems hopeless? The question becomes more apt each day. To me, interpersonal relationships, the human bond, is the thing that gives us hope and keeps us moving into the future. Love, basically, both platonic and romantic.”

He continues: “The actual song Future Hopes is that kind of love song, a bit hopeless and hopeful at the same time. The video is really just an atmospheric collage of images of a future/present where there is both happiness and sadness, beauty and decay.”

Future Hopes is White Willow’s first release with new singer Venke Knutson, who joins core members Holm-Lupo and Mattias Olsson. The band are completed by flautist Ketil Einarsen, keyboardist Lars Fredrik Frøislie and bassist Ellen Andrea Wang.

The Future Hopes cover

The Future Hopes cover

White Willow Future Hopes tracklist

  1. Future Hopes
  2. Silver And Gold
  3. In Dim Days
  4. Where There Was Sea There Is Abyss
  5. A Scarred View
  6. Animal Magnetism (Bonus)
  7. Damnation Valley (Bonus)

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