Tool in studio with frontman Keenan


Tool’s long-awaited fifth album could be nearing completion, if a studio photo posted by guitarist Adam Jones is anything to go by.

He uploaded a picture of frontman Maynard James Keenan sitting in with his bandmates – and it’s known he doesn’t normally join proceedings until the music is in an advanced state. Keenan said earlier this year: “I don’t write the music; I wait for them to bring music to me.”

Jones has tagged his picture “#SmokeOnTheHorizon” – which could mean the follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days might arrive next year.

In July he explained how a multi-million dollar legal action had held up the process, telling TeamRock: “The band paid my best friend to do some artwork, then he decided to sue us for one fifth of the money we’ve ever made. We had insurance in case we ever got sued or got in these situations. Now these insurance companies have all tried backing out.

“There’s four different guys with personal things going on and it can be a struggle to write music together. But this time it has been really draining and put a lot of pressure on us. I feel like we’ve been completely abandoned and it’s been totally unnecessary.”

He said of the work in progress: “There’s a lot of stuff in 74. There’s some really light stuff going on – but there’s also a lot of heavy stuff in there too.”