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Best Marshall speakers 2021: From portables to home Hi-Fi, here’s what you need to know...

Three portable Marshall speakers next to a swimming pool
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The name is synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll, its iconic script logo instantly recognisable. Marshall amplifiers have backed the world’s biggest bands, and the rest besides. Popularised by Pete Townsend and The Who in the Sixties, their signature sound is beloved by rockers and metalheads the world over. Since their launch in 2010, there’s been a wide range of killer Marshall speakers you can rock out to at home, too...

With the range spanning from all-in-one sound systems to portable players, you’ll find one of the best Marshall speakers out there with your name on it. But which to buy? We’ve considered the options, dialled up the volume, and can now reveal just how these Marshall speakers stack up…

Best Marshall speakers: The Louder Choice

Topping our Marshall Hot List is the mighty Emberton, a true portable speaker capable of a powerhouse performance. It looks cute but kicks serious ass. We’re in awe of both its muscle and gutsy musicality. 

When it comes to a Marshall all-in-one for the home, you really can’t get much better than the Stanmore II. A tantalising blend of Marshall style and muscle, it’s a brilliant buy. 

Finally, if you want something a little more transportable, take a listen to the Kilburn II. This retro-styled portable, with its stylised carry-handle, is road trip ready.

Best Marshall speakers: Product guide

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Emberton

(Image credit: Marshall)

1. Marshall Emberton

This remarkable pocket rocket sounds like a speaker three times the size

Launch price: $149/£130 | Features: Bluetooth, IPX7 rated | Battery life: 20+ hours | Weight: 24.6oz/0.7kg | Smart connectivity: No

Astonishing output for the size
Supremely compact
20 hour battery life
Absolutely nothing

The Emberton is the Sham 69 of portable speakers. It’s where Bluetooth meets bootboy Oi, and we reckon it's bloody brilliant. Barely a handful at 0.7kg, it generates so much energy, you’ll be left grinning as it stomps stomps through your playlists.

It may be small, but the soundstage is impressively wide, thanks to Marshall’s True Stereophonic multi-directional signal processing, and it rocks harder than its 2x 10W amplification might suggest. Behind the grille are two 50mm full range drivers, backed up by a couple of passive radiators. At 1m it generates 87dB SPL, which is frankly ridiculous - in a good way.

Battery life is a generous 20 hours, and once depleted a fast 20 minute charge will see you good for at least five more. Bluetooth is v5.0.

The design is authentically iconic, and it’s extremely well finished (it’s a Red Dot Design winner for a reason), while an IPX7 rating means you don’t need to sweat it in a downpour.

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Stanmore II

(Image credit: Marshall)

2. Marshall Stanmore II

This brawny all-in-one Marshall hits the sweet spot when it comes to size, sound and style

Launch price: $399/£300 | Features: Bluetooth aptX | Weight: 10.25lb/4.65kg | Smart connectivity: No

Serious sonic muscle
Bluetooth v5.0 aptX
Two analogue line inputs
No smart functionality

The Stanmore II sits in the middle of Marshall’s home speaker range, and is an almost the perfect mix of attitude and power. 

Physically more imposing than the Acton II, weighing in at 4.6kg, it offers up all the classic Marshall design traits like textured vinyl wrap, grille fascia and classic logo. Up top are knobs for Volume, Bass and Treble.  

It’s also the first Marshall in-door to offer Bluetooth aptX for higher quality playback. There’s also analogue connectivity if you want to hardwire a player. In addition to app control, there’s Multi-Host functionality for dual Bluetooth pairing.

The larger cabinet opens the doors to a more robust performance. 50W goes straight to the woofer, with 2x15W servicing the tweeters. The result is a suitably room-filling performance.  

Louder tip: If you really want to get seismic, buy two Stanmore II’s and pair them in a stereo configuration. They won’t compete with the loudest Bluetooth speakers, but they’ll have a good go.

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Kilburn II

(Image credit: Marshall)

3. Marshall Kilburn II

This beefy portable offers classic looks and plays hard

Launch price: $299/£220 | Features: Bluetooth, IPX2 rated | Battery life: 20+ hours | Weight: 5.5lb/2.5kg | Smart connectivity: No

Powerful portable performer
IPX2 water resistant
3.5mm minijack input
Nothing much at the price

The Marshall Kilburn 2 is a high powered portable designed to rock your patio BBQ. The rugged design, with flush-mounted shoulder bumpers and a carry handle fashioned after a guitar strap, inspires confidence.

There’s more than 20 hours of wireless listening to be had on a full charge, and you can get up to three hours playtime with just 20 minutes on the wall. The speaker is big enough (243 x 162 x 140 mm) to offer a decent stereo spread. Driving it along is 36W of amplification, with 20W for the woofer, and 2x8W for the tweeters. 

Bluetooth is v5.0 with aptX, for the best possible wireless performance. Conveniently, if you want to hardwire a portable device, there’s a 3.5mm input too. 

The Kilburn II has an IPX2 water resistant rating, so an inclement shower or two won’t phase it. It weighs a manageable 2.5kg. 

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Uxbridge Voice

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4. Marshall Uxbridge Voice

Marshall packs a punch with this smarter Bluetooth belter

Launch price: $199/ £170 | Features: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 | Weight: 3.06lb/1.39kg | Smart connectivity: Yes, choose from Alexa or Google models

Punchy mid-range performance
Smart functionality
Could do with a little more bass
Build quality is the lightest in the range

The Uxbridge is the definitive modern Marshall Bluetooth speaker. Available for either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it’s compact enough for desk and den use, and offers decent smart connectivity. 

The speaker employs a 30W digital amp, but the presentation is unapologetically mono. While bass is limited, the midrange is rich enough for easy listening.

Hands-on controls are up top, with individual controls for bass, treble and volume. There’s no physical input connection option, so you’ll be restricted to wireless all the way.

In addition to Bluetooth 4.2 you can stream over Wi-Fi and there’s also support for Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect.

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Woburn II

(Image credit: Marshall)

5. Marshall Woburn II

The ultimate Marshall all-in-one speaker is not for the faint-hearted

Launch price: $499/£439 | Features: Bluetooth | Weight: 18.85lb/8.55kg | Smart connectivity: No

Best in class amplification
Bluetooth v5.0 aptX
Two analogue line inputs
It demands space...and wall reinforcement

You wanted the best, you got the best! The Woburn II is the best Marshall speaker if you’re looking for an all-in-one. It’s big and heavy (just how we like it) at 8.55kg, taking no prisoners at full volume. Inside the huge cabinet lurk a woofer and dual tweeter array, powered by 50W and 2x 15W amps respectively. 

Much like the Stanmore II, there’s Bluetooth v5.0 with aptX onboard, along with two analogue line inputs. Available in black, white or brown, it brilliantly rocks the classic Marshall amp look, pulling out all the stops to offer a stereo performance with room-filling physicality!

On the downside, it’s a little too pricey for its own good (but shop around and you might find a bargain).

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Stockwell II

(Image credit: Marshall)

6. Marshall Stockwell II

This stylish portable is ideal if you want to make a splash out and about

Launch price: $199/£170 | Features: Bluetooth, IPX4 rated | Battery life: 20+ hours | Weight: 3.04lb/1.38kg | Smart connectivity: No

20 hours battery life
IPX4 water resistant
3.5mm minijack input
Doesn’t work with Marshall’s Bluetooth app

The Stockwell II is the little brother of the Kilburn II, mimicking its design but on a smaller scale (180 x 161 x 70 mm). It sports the same cool carry handle, and weighs just 1.4kg.

Build quality is excellent. The chassis has a silicone exterior with a steel metal grille, both of which contribute to its IPX4 water-resistant rating. There’s 20 hours of wireless playtime available. A 20 minute quick charge will get you 6 hours of music on the move . 

Power output is rated at 20W (with 10W going to the woofer, and 2x5W aimed at the tweeters).

Bluetooth is v5.0. Multi-hosting means you can switch between two connected Bluetooth devices, which is a lot of fun if you want to get into a battle of the bands. There’s also a 3.5mm minijack to connect a local source.

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Tufton

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7. Marshall Tufton

This top of the line Marshall portable is fiercely pricey

Launch price: $399/£350 | Features: Bluetooth, IPX2 rated | Battery life: 20+ hours | Weight: 10.8lb/4.9kg | Smart connectivity: No

Bluetooth v5.0  
Analogue line inputs
Hefty for a portable speaker

The Tufton is the headliner of Marshall’s portable line. Long and hefty at 4.9kg, with a guitar-strap carry handle, it’s not something you might easily tout about town, but with 20 hour battery life and IPX2 water resistance, it’s perfectly suited to a picnic on Hergest Ridge.

There’s some serious amplification onboard too, with 2x 15W going to a pair of full range drivers, and 10W for the tweeter. In addition to Bluetooth v5.0, there’s a 35mm line input.

Like its stablemates, the Tufton is rugged and well-built. It charges fast too. 20 minutes on the wall will give you four hours of playtime, and just 2.5 hours will fully replenish its Li-Ion battery. But the price is pretty off-putting.

Best Marshall speakers: Marshall Acton II

(Image credit: Marshall)

8. Marshall Acton II

Entry-level home speaker offers clout for smaller rooms

Launch price: $249/£220 | Features: Bluetooth | Weight: 6.28lb/2.85kg | Smart connectivity: No

Easy to accommodate 
Gutsy amplification
Bluetooth v5.0
3.5mm line input
No smart functionality

The Action II is the smallest of Marshall’s all-in-one home speakers. There’s no smart functionality, but the Marshall look is spot on, completed by a trio of knobs up top for volume, bass and treble. 

Despite its compact dimensions, there are three amp modules inside, driving a pair of tweeters (2x 15W) and a modestly-sized woofer (30W). It certainly has the firepower to make its presence known.

Bluetooth v5.0 is standard, but there’s also a line input for any 3.5mm analogue device. It’ll also work with Marshall’s app.

Best Marshall speakers: Buying advice

Women in snakeskin top holds a Marshall Emberton speaker

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How to buy the best Marshall speaker for you

If you’re buying a Marshall speaker, no matter the size, you’ll want to revel in the marque’s signature sound - that rough-edged tonality to guitars, the sense that you’re teetering on distortion when you really push the volume - and perhaps equally important, you’ll want to own that classic Marshall look. 

Thankfully, you get all three, even on the smallest Marshall Bluetooth portable. 

Best Marshall speakers: Things to consider

As ever, when buying a portable wireless speaker you should consider battery life. Longer playtime is better, but also consider how fast it charges - you don’t want to be waiting around forever to start cranking the tunes. Many modern speakers offer fast charging, whereby you can tease a good few hours out of your speaker with just 20 minutes plugged into the wall. 

Build quality is key too. You’ll not want to fret it’ll fail over a mud-spattered festival weekend, so look out for the dust and water-proof rating to ensure it’s up to the job for you.

In addition to basic wireless connectivity, consider what physical inputs are on offer, so that you can hook up a physical source like one of the best phones for music.

Finally, when buying a Bluetooth all-in-one speaker as your main music system, our simple advice is to go large and heavy. Having the ability to move air in a meaningful way is always important.

Three Marshall speakers sitting on concrete steps

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Do you need a smart Marshall speaker?

If smart functionality appeals, opt for a Marshall with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant built in (admittedly the choice is currently quite limited) enabling you to control your music using your voice, as well as ask your speaker for things like news headlines, the weather and upcoming appointments.