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Tony MacAlpine in live Confessions Of A Medieval Monument video

Tony MacAlpine
Tony MacAlpine

A live video of Tony MacAlpine performing the track Confessions Of A Medieval Monument has been released.

It’s the last episode of the EMGTV sessions series with the guitarist, who is featured alongside fellow EMG artist Nili Brosh, Pete Griffin on bass, and Aquiles Priester on drums. The song is lifted from his latest album, Concrete Gardens.

MacAlpine, who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, announced in April that he’ll be back in the studio to write his next record in August.

He said: “In August and September I will be returning to the studio to work on my newest instrumental release that has long been in the making, but regrettably had to be delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances.

“It has been a year since Concrete Gardens has been released, and in that time I have had much time to reflect on the very long journey that I have been on since my first album Edge of Insanity.

“It is with love and respect that I thank you all for travelling with me on this adventure since the beginning.”

Further details will be revealed in due course.

Tony MacAlpine trails Concrete Gardens

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