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Tim Bowness shares abstract video for new single I’m Better Now

Tim Bowness has shared a video for his new single I’m Better Now.

It’s the first material released from his upcoming solo album Late Night Laments, which is set to arrive on August 28 through Inside Out Music.

Bowness says: “In some ways I’m Better Now represents the flipside of the title song from my previous album, Flowers At The Scene.

Flowers At The Scene focused on the repercussions of a violent crime – the impact on the victim's family and friends – while I’m Better Now is written from the perspective of a perpetrator of a hate crime.

“For a variety of reasons, society has seemingly become increasingly polarised over the last half-decade and along with an rise in intolerance, there’s been a real sense of more and more people becoming disaffected and feeling ‘left behind’ or invisible. Sometimes, the consequences of that can be ugly.”

The abstract video was created by Peter Chilvers who has previously worked with Brian Eno, while the track itself features Knifeworld’s Kavus Torabi and Melanie Woods.

Bowness adds: “Kavus’s biting and twisting solo is a particular highlight of the song for me.”

Late Night Laments has been mixed by Bowness’ No-Man bandmate Steven Wilson and mastered by Calum Malcolm, with Bowness and Brian Hulse co-producing the nine track recording.

Late Night Laments will be released on CD, LP, as a limited edition 2CD digipak featuring five additional studio tracks, and on digital and streaming platforms.

Tim Bowness: Late Night Laments
1. Northern Rain
2. I’m Better Now
3. Darkline
4. We Caught The Light
5. The Hitman Who Missed
6. Never A Place
7. The Last Getaway
8. Hidden Life
9. One Last Call