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Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness release two new No-Man tracks

No-Man (Image credit: Carl Glover)

No-Man have released an edited version of their track Love You To Bits (Bit 1).

The full song will feature on the duo of Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness’ upcoming album Love You To Bits, which will launch on November 22 through Caroline International.

No-Man have also released a non-album b-side in the shape of Love You To Shreds (Shreds 1-3), with the epic ambient track weighing in at 13 minutes.

Bowness says: “It was always difficult to know what to choose as a single from Love You To Bits as no one section of the album is representative. 

“What we've gone for is an edit of the song that started it all and an extended ambient mix from recorded last month – that expands upon musical themes from Love You To Pieces.

“In some ways, it's the type of single I used to love in the 80s and 90s, where you'd have the most commercial and the most experimental sides of an artist existing side by side in one compact package.”

Both tracks can be streamed, while the album is now available to pre-order. Find further details below.

No-Man: Love You To Bits
Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness return with No-Man's first album since 2008's Schoolyard Ghosts. The record will centre around two 20-minute long connected pieces of music.View Deal

No-Man: Love You To Bits
1. Love You To Bits 
2. Love You To Pieces