Steven Wilson: Everything You Need To Know

Steve Wilson everything you need to know

Steven Wilson is back in the charts again. The mainstream of course, is surprised. (“Who is this fella we’ve never heard of, getting in to OUR charts without OUR permission? I mean, he hasn’t been on the cover of the NME, Q or Rolling Stone and I just asked Nick Grimshaw and he says he doesn’t have a scooby either…”)

Meanwhile, we’ve been writing about him and his many and varied projects for years. Below is a collection of Steven Wilson stuff from over the years. If you’re new to him, enjoy. If you’re an old hand, there’s probably stiff a load of stuff you should read.

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Q&A: Steven Wilson

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Steven Wilson - To The Bone album review

Steven Wilson - To The Bone album review

Steven Wilson: 4 1/2

Steven Wilson: Time Flies...

Steven Wilson: 4 1⁄2

Steven Wilson: Live At the RAH (Part 1)


Steven Wilson: Transience

Steven Wilson: Transience

Porcupine Tree: Octane Twisted

Blackfield - Blackfield V album review

Blackfield: Blackfield IV



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