Stone Sour announce deluxe reissue of Come What(ever) May

Stone Sour
Stone Sour

Stone Sour will release a deluxe version of their album Come What(ever) May to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

The package is released on December 16 and will be available on black and gold mixed vinyl, and will feature a number of bonus tracks – including live acoustic songs and covers.

An acoustic version of Zzyxx Rd. has been made available to stream from the record – following the release of demos 1st Person, Through Glass and 3030-150 in the lead-up to the anniversary launch. Listen to it below.

Frontman Corey Taylor previously reported that Stone Sour had demoed 18 songs for their sixth album, tentatively due next year.

He said: “We’re going back to basics. I’m an old-school guy – I think most of us are. The thing that I loved about great albums is that you would get it and you would want to study everything.

“I’m going to try to meld that world with the electronic world and see if those two can kind of coalesce and coexist. We’re starting to really get stuff together – like, really see the vision of it – and just put together just a kick-ass rock and roll album.”

The band’s most recent release was their five-track covers EP Straight Outta Burbank, which arrived last year.

The deluxe edition of Come What(ever) May is now available for pre-order.

Stone Sour Come What(ever) May artwork

Stone Sour Come What(ever) May artwork

Stone Sour Come What(ever) May Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition tracklist

LP 1

Side A

  1. 3030-150
  2. Come What(ever) May
  3. Hell & Consequences
  4. Sillyworld
  5. Made Of Scars
  6. Reborn

Side B

  1. Your God
  2. Through Glass
  3. Socio
  4. 1st Person
  5. Cardiff
  6. Zzyzx Rd.

LP 2

Side A

  1. Though Glass (Live Acoustic)
  2. Wicked Game (Live Acoustic)
  3. Wild Horses (Live Acoustic)
  4. Cardiff (Acoustic)
  5. Zzyxx Rd. (Acoustic)

Side B

  1. Suffer
  2. Fruitcake
  3. Freeze Dry Seal
  4. The Day I Let Go
  5. The Frozen

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