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Get the award-winning Positive Grid Spark guitar amp for 40% off this Black Friday

Postitive Grid Spark
(Image credit: Future)

Positive Grid's Spark amp was crowned 'best amp on show' at the 2020 NAMM show by the experts on our sister site MusicRadar (opens in new tab). Back then the pre-show buzz was so strong that the company already had 16,000 preorders, thanks to the reputation of Positive Grid's BIAS modelling, and the Spark's unique proposition as an all-in-one solution for practice, learning and home recording. Guitar Player (opens in new tab) called it "a feature-packed desktop amplifier and a triumph of amp innovation" and today you can get at a bargain 40% off direct from Positive Grid (opens in new tab).

This is not the practice amp you dad bought you. The Spark guitar amp and app is even streets ahead of modern equivalents, with comprehensive features that will make it a central part of your musical life at home, from practice to recording to jamming and songwriting, a 40-watt desktop combo for electric guitar, bass and acoustic guitar, with modelled amps and effects and so much more.

Positive Grid Spark Bundles: Up to 40% Off (opens in new tab)
Designed for electric, bass and acoustic guitar, Spark is a 40-watt desktop combo that offers modelled amps and effects from Positive Grid’s award-winning BIAS FX line. Jam with YouTube, play along with backing tracks, record, sound like your heroes – the Spark does it all. Bundle offers include a free bespoke-made Spark carry bag, a set of Sennheiser HD200 Pro headphones or the Experience Jimi Hendrix expansion pack for an unbeatable price. A bundle deal with Sennheiser IE40 Pro in-ear monitors is also available.

The 40-watt Spark amp and app work in tandem to learn your style and feel, and then generate a virtual rhythm section to accompany you.

With intelligent hands-free functionality the Spark app responds to voice commands: you can ask it to follow your playing with a virtual backing band, or stream a certain song or backing track, and in seconds be playing along with songs you love.

Not only that, Spark’s smart app will automatically display guitar chords in real time as you play. Its intuitive controls allow you to slow the tempo or loop a tricky section of the song until you’re comfortable to move on.

There's 10,000 (!) different electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass amplifier/effects presets are available with the Spark amp, including specific tones gleaned from some of the world’s greatest artists and studio pros.

It's tempting to call it part tool, part toy, because you can have so much fun with it – but the Spark is a serious bit of kit and this is a serious Black Friday Music Deal.

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