Bow down to Pharaoh Eddie with this 37% late Black Friday saving on an Iron Maiden Powerslave Funko Pop

Funko Iron Maiden Powerslave
(Image credit: Funko)

Even in a genre as theatrically inclined as heavy metal, Iron Maiden stand head-and-shoulders above just about everyone else when it comes to iconic looks. Naturally, that makes them a perfect fit for Funko Pop! treatment, just about every iteration of Eddie in the band's history available in cute, collectible form. 

Whether you're just starting a collection or looking to fill some gaps, Amazon are offering a huge 37% saving on the Iron Maiden Powerslave Funko for US shoppers looking to grab a canny bargain, knocking the price down to just $15.80. 

Depicting band mascot Eddie as a Pharaoh, Powerslave was released on September 3 1984 and cemented Iron Maiden as one of 80s metal's biggest stars, the band embracing massive concepts and prog songwriting for a true heavy metal epic. 

Now you can own a little bit of that history with the Funko Pop! not only giving you a collectible figurine of Eddie, but a print of Powerslave's iconic cover art and a protective case for your display needs. 

Save 37% on an Iron Maiden Powerslave Funko Pop:

Save 37% on an Iron Maiden Powerslave Funko Pop: Grab yourself a figure of Iron Maiden's Eddie in his iconic Powerslave look, complete with album art and protective case. Whether you're completing your collection or just starting out, you'll want in on these huge savings. 

Rich Hobson

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