Watch as zombies invade new Galactic Cowboys video

Galactic Cowboys
Galactic Cowboys

Galactic Cowboys have premiered their new video for Zombies exclusively with Prog.

The song features on the band’s latest album Long Way Back To The Moon, which arrived last month via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group.

It’s was their first record with the original lineup of guitarist Dane Sonnier, vocalist Ben C Huggins, drummer/keyboardist Alan Doss and bassist Monty Colvin since 1993’s Space In Your Face.

Speaking about the new video, Huggins tells Prog: “We teamed up with horror aficionados/movie directors Jeremy Sumrall and John Hale on this one. I think we successfully captured the essence of this band – heavy riffs, vocal harmonies, steeped in our own sense of humour.

“It’s just another boy meets girl, boy fights zombie, girl fights zombie, the world ends, love story. Classic. Everyone can relate.”

Long Way Back To The Moon is now available.

Galactic Cowboys Long Way Back To The Moon tracklist

  1. In The Clouds
  2. Internal Masquerade
  3. Blood In My Eyes
  4. Next Joke
  5. Zombies
  6. Drama
  7. Amisarewas
  8. Hate Me
  9. Losing Ourselves
  10. Agenda
  11. Long Way Back To The Moon
  12. Believing The Hype (Bonus track)
  13. Say Goodbye To Utopia (Bonus track)

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