Poly-Math make new single Ink Of Scholars / Blood Of Tigris free to download


Brighton outfit Poly-Math have opened pre-orders for their new album titled House of Wisdom/We Are The Devil.

It’ll launch on April 20 via Lonely Voyage Records and Nice Weather For Airstrikes – and to celebrate the news, the band have made the single Ink Of Scholars / Blood Of Tigris free to download.

Poly-Math say: “Ink Of Scholars is one of the more time-signature-focused tracks on the record. We wanted to blend big riffs with a few confusing rhythms and see where it ended up, so the first section ended up being all three of us playing almost entirely different parts to create that jagged, out of sync feel.”

The striking album artwork was designed by long-time collaborator Sam Hall. The reversible LP cover features a single scene flipped on its head and can be found below, along with the tracklist.

House Of Wisdom / We Are The Devil can be pre-ordered on vinyl, while Ink Of Scholars / Blood Of Tigriscan be downloaded here.

The band have also made a live version of Ink Of Scholars available, which can be found below along with the album cover art and tracklist.

Poly-Math House of Wisdom / We Are The Devil tracklist

  1. Preface To The House Of Wisdom / Preface To We Are The Devil
  2. 1258 /In The Sights Of Mesopotamia
  3. Ink Of Scholars / Blood Of Tigris
  4. Geography / Alamut/Sidh
  5. Mathematics / 12 days
  6. Astronomy / The Uncelestial
  7. Alchemy / Terra Incognita
  8. Philosophy / Death & The Devil
  9. Medicine / No Hell Like Home
  10. Ink of Scholars Reprise / In The Hands of Hulagu
  11. Science / We Are The Devil

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