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Poly-Math detail Melencolia

Poly-Math have announced details of their upcoming Melencolia mini-album.

The three-track recording comes on the back of 2015 EP Reptiles and will be released on April 8 via Superstar Destroyer Records.

The band say: “We were much less afraid to lean on our prog and post-rock roots than we have been previously. It allows us to deal with our songs as movements or pieces.”

Guitarist Tim Laulik-Walters, bassist Joe Branton and drummer Chris Woollison are expected to announce tour dates in due course, while Melencolia pre-orders will be available soon via Superstar Destroyer Records online store.

Poly-Math Melencolia tracklist

  1. Melencolia I
  2. Ekerot
  3. Temptation Of The Idler