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The new TeamRock+

The TeamRock+ subscription service has changed. The home of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines online, TeamRock+ now offers access to our usual ad-free version of the TeamRock website, including our in-depth archive and…

You’ll get a monthly subscription to one of our three great rock magazines. Choose from Classic Rock, Metal Hammer or Prog and download it straight to your Phone or Tablet.

You’ll Instantly receive a free copy of 3 of our best selling digital books giving you the in-depth backstory of Motorhead, Guns and Roses and Pink Floyd. We’ll also send ALL of our new digital books as an when they are published direct to your inbox.

Exclusive access to our audio archive – hours of interviews and music.

Bonus desktop and phone wallpapers designed by the TeamRock art team

So that’s unrestricted ad-free access to the website, a monthly digital edition of your choice, a digital edition of every bookazine we ever publish, exclusive access to audio interviews with some of rock and metal’s biggest names, and exclusive wallpapers.

“The great thing about the new TeamRock+,” says Editor In Chief Scott Rowley, “is that you get the magazine you most love PLUS the best of the other two mag brands and basically everything else we publish or create.”

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