Defy The Ocean premiere Elderflower video

Defy The Ocean
Defy The Ocean

Defy The Ocean have premiered their video for Elderflower.

It’s the title track from their upcoming EP, which is due out on September 2. It can be pre-ordered on their website.

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Theo previously said the track tells the story of someone “seeking to come to terms with their gender identity later in life,” taking the listener on “an emotive journey that spans resignation, anger, acceptance and regret.”

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Theo tells Prog: “It would have been easy to go for something dark and grimy for this video, but we were keen to push ourselves to create something different.

“Since a lot of our music explores this juxtaposition between heavy and atmospheric elements, we looked to create visuals that seemed almost at odds with the music.

“But beyond the immediate surreal and comic nature of the Elderflower video is an underlying sadness. We all deceive ourselves, we all hide from the truths that hurt, but unless we own those truths this architecture of fallacy we’ve built will topple, and take us with it.

“Elderflower explores this self-deception with tongue firmly in cheek.”

Elderflower album artwork

Elderflower album artwork

Defy The Ocean Elderflower EP tracklist


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