Damanek get back to nature in Long Time, Shadow Falls video


Damanek have released a video for their new track Long Time, Shadow Falls exclusively with Prog.

The song features on the band’s new album titled On Track which was released last month after they signed with Giant Electric Pea.

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Guy Manning says: “As with many international lineups these days, we never actually recorded together in the same room.

“The demos were re-arranged and re-performed and then layered with the other guest musicians in several studios across the globe in the UK, US, Australia and Germany until they finally landed in keyboardist Sean Timms’ studios is sunny Adelaide, where he got to work to make it sound fantastic!

“The album artwork was provided by Giant Electric Pea recommended graphic designer Tony Lythgoe, who really caught the essence of every song/story narrative and brought them to life.

“This special promotional video was created for us by our good friend Ted Ollikkala and we are amazed at what he has assembled for us. There may be more videos in the future, we certainly hope so!”

As for the message behind the track, Manning adds: “Long Time, Shadow Falls graphically spells out the message of the song which is to highlight the decline of endangered African animals by the hand of Man – sung from the animals point of view.

“We hope you enjoy it, if so, then spread the word – the message is clear: We have to stop this before there are no more elephants, hippos and rhinos. It is up to us now.”

Find the tracklist and cover art for On Track below.

Damanek On Track tracklist

  1. Nanabohzo And The Rainbow
  2. Long Time, Shadow Falls
  3. The Cosmic Score
  4. Believer - Redeemer
  5. Oil Over Arabia
  6. Big Parade
  7. Madison Blue
  8. Dark Sun

Damanek announce debut album On Track