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Amon Amarth launch Viking-inspired video game

A still from the game

Amon Amarth have launched a Viking-inspired retro-styled mobile game.

It takes the form of an 8-bit side-scrolling adventure, with the player tasked with guiding Thor across Midgard, vanquishing foes with lightning strikes and his trusty hammer Mjolnir.

The game features 12 levels, four different worlds to explore and 18 enemies to do battle with, while 8-bit chip tune covers include Amon Amarth tracks Guardians Of Asgaard, As Loke Falls, Twilight Of The Thunder God, Death In Fire and Raise Your Horns.

It’s now available for free through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, with in-app purchases needed to unlock the full game. Watch a video of Thor in action in the video below.

Earlier this year, Amon Amarth headlined the UK’s Bloodstock festival in support of their 2016 album Jomsviking and released a video for their track The Way Of Vikings.

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