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From Iron Maiden Trooper beer to Motorhead whisky: drink up with the best rock and metal beers, wines, whisky and gift ideas

band-branded booze
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Whether you're buying for yourself or looking for gift ideas for rock fans, the last few years have seen an explosion in branded beers, wines and spirits – Iron Maiden's Trooper beer inspiring many other bands, from Metallica to Motorhead and Marshall amps, to try their hand at hard liquor for hard rockers.

Black Friday 2019 might have past but there are still booze bargains to be had -  here's a quick guide to what's available and where to get it. (And if you really want to keep it real, why not make your own home brew?) 

Please drink responsibly and always remember Lemmy's rule of drinking: it's not what you drink, or how much you drink, it's how quick you drink it.

Iron Maiden Trooper 8 x 500ml pack

Back in 2015, we reported that Maiden had sold 10 million pints of Trooper, so gawd only knows what they must be at now. Amazon do it in 8 packs – a great starter beer guaranteed to get any self-respecting rock/metalhead party started.

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Iron Maiden Sun and Steel Sake Lager Bottle, 12 x 330ml

The latest Iron Maiden beer takes it's name from the Piece Of Mind song of the same name, and Cameron's Brewery have described it as one of the most complex beers it has made in its history: a 4.8% ABV pilsner-style, double fermented hybrid lager made with both lager and saké yeasts. Drink it and get banzai'd.

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Iron Maiden Trooper Gift Set

If you're looking for something a bit more special, you could go for the Trooper gift set. It won't get you drunk, but it will be the kind of collectible that'll no doubt sell for big bucks in years to come.

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Iron Maiden Trooper Beer Mats

…And if you really, REALLY want to impress, then the final touch is Trooper beer mats. Rumours that Trooper cocktail umbrellas are coming soon are untrue and just made up by me, just then.

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Motorhead Road Crew beer (330ml x12)

Raise a toast to Lemmy with the official Motorhead beer – a lovely citrus-y American pale ale that was rolled out last year. One for beer drinkers and hell raisers…

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Motorhead Single Malt Whisky 70 cl

One for special occasions. Made by Sweden's own malt whisky brewery Mackmyra Svensk, it's well reviewed and very collectible. A great gift for a Motorhead fan - or to yourself.

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Scorpions Single Malt Whisky, 70cl

Scorpions also teamed up with Swedish distillery Mackmyra for their very own single malt. It’s matured in ex-bourbon barrels and oloroso sherry casks - with the twist that it was finished in sweet German cherry wine casks. Read all about it.View Deal

Motorhead Shiraz Rose Wine

You might not associate Motorhead with wine, but in the last couple of years of his life, Lemmy was a wine drinker, switching from JD & coke to rose wine on "doctor's orders" (it's made out of fruit, it's gotta be healthy, right?). This is official 'Head brand, also available in red.

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Motorhead Gift Set Bundle

Featuring shot glasses, pint glass, bottle opener, hip flask and coaster set, this might seem pricey at first glance, but if you buy them all separately, it soon mounts up, a nice set for anyone born to raise hell.

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Metallica Enter Night Lager (case of 12)

Available on their recent tour and actually pretty good – "a crisp and refreshing pilsner that has a richly hopped background and a sound bitterness on the finish" – Enter Night can be hard to find, but if you're quick, you can snap up a case of 12 here. 

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Marshall Amped Up lager

Coming in an array of packages that look like amp heads and combos, the most novel thing about Marshall's Amped Up lager is that it's really good. We know. We went to the launch party and tested it thoroughly.

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Crystal Head Vodka 5cl Miniature

Can't afford £90 for the full 175 cl bottle? How about £12 for a cool gift idea?  From Blues Brother Dan Ackroyd's Crystal Head, after you drink the vodka you have a great glass skull to keep, fill with whatever you fancy or use as a candle holder. 

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Over Hoof Spiced Rum Limited Edition by Cloven Hoof

A limited edition quality overproof dark rum, limited to just 666 bottle and coming with an alcoholic volume of 66.6%. "Sip to warm your soul or mix to blow your rocks off," say Cloven Hoof, the rising stars of rock and metal-friendly hard liquor.

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The Pogues Whiskey

The Pogues Whiskey is actually a decent wee dram, if you like Irish whiskey, proven by the fact that it's available in decent pubs everywhere. It doesn't make you as poetic as Shane MacGowan but neither do your teeth fall out, so swings and roundabouts. Also available in a Gift Hamper. Lend me 10 pounds and I'll buy you a drink etc.

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The Police Synchronicity Syrah

It's a message in a bottle - and the message is "Every breath you take... will stink of booze and your teeth will be red". 

But, c'mon, it'll be worth it. 

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Grateful Dead Steal your Face Syrah

Brilliantly named, the Steal your Face Syrah didn't just steal our face, it nicked our inhibitions, poured doubt on our ability to walk, and misplaced our memories of the entire night. 

You know what they say: if you remember the 60s, you weren't really there.

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AC/DC hipflask

An essential part of any gig-goer's armoury, this AC/DC hipflask will be your friend in times of need and bring succour to, well, that mate of yours who never has any money on him and depends on you to get the rounds in.

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Skull shot glasses

Look! Shot glasses that are skull-shaped! Life is complete.

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Sammy Hagar's Cooking & Partying Handbook

Listen, if there's a guy who knows how to have a good time, it's the Red Rocker: former Montrose and Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar. If you're having a party, do it properly: the Hagar way.

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