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The best band merch and collectables 2020: From t-shirts to vinyl, we've got you covered

The best band merch and collectables 2020: From t-shirts to vinyl, we've got you covered
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When it comes to collectables, band merch and video game-related gear, there's a dizzying amount of stuff to grab. It's never easy choosing something, but we think we've come up with a pretty decent selection of must-have items.

We've listed some of our favourites below – and it's also worth keeping your eyes on EMP right now, as the site is currently holding a massive sale covering everything from jackets and boots, to dresses, jeans and hoodies.

Take a look below and we're confident we'll have a few things you'll love.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla T-Shirt

The latest in Ubisoft’s long-running Assassin’s Creed franchise was announced recently – and with the setting now placing you in the fur-lined boots of a Viking invader, we simply can’t wait for it to be released later this year. Now you can appease the Norse gods by purchasing this eye-catching Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla t-shirt which is exclusive to EMP. Perfect attire for when you’re cranking out a bit of Amon Amarth.

Buy the Assassin's Creed Announcement T-Shirt here

Paradise Lost: Obsidian Box Set

Paradise Lost are preparing to release their brand new studio album Obsidian this month – and if lead single Fall From Grace is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. This spectacular box set comes with a six-piece coaster set, a booklet, the album on CD and vinyl. Just look at it! But be quick, as this is pretty much guaranteed to sell fast.

Buy the Paradise Lost’s Obsidian Box Set here

Iron Maiden: Live After Death remaster

Iron Maiden’s CD remastered series has been hugely popular since it kicked off back in November 2018. All the band’s studio albums have now been released, offering improved audio to make those magic moments stand out even more. Well, now Maiden have turned their attention to their live albums – and what better way to get things started than with their incredible Live After Death offering? Not only do you get this classic album in full, but this particular version also comes packaged in a specially designed box featuring a 1:24 scale figurine of Eddie rising from the grave, and a patch featuring the grim reaper!

Buy Iron Maiden's Live After Death Remaster Here

Motorhead Overkill 500-piece jigsaw

We’re all spending more time at home, so rather than just watching re-runs of your favourite show on Netflix, why not give the old grey matter a workout by immersing yourself in this face-melting Motorhead jigsaw puzzle? It’s the cover of their classic Overkill album and it has 500-pieces – more than enough to keep you occupied while you blast out your favourite tracks by Lemmy and co.

Buy the Motorhead Overkill 500-piece jigsaw here

Streets Of Rage 4

There's always been some debate into the greatest beat-em-up of all time, with many thinking it's Street Fighter 2 or Virtua Fighter. However, they're wrong, as everyone knows that the Streets Of Rage games were, well... streets ahead of everything else! The latest in the series surprised everyone when it was announced – and it's been gathering praise across the board and no wonder, as it's simply amazing. Great fun solo, but clearing Oak City with a friend or three is where it's at.

Buy Streets Of Rage 4 here

Slipknot Baseball Cap

While the touring world has unfortunately had to press pause during the current global lockdown, that doesn't mean you can't represent your favourite artists. So while you're out in the sunshine for your daily walk, why not keep cool with this cracking Slipknot Baseball Cap? The Iowa heavyweights' distinctive logo is plastered in blood red across the front, so passers by will be under no illusion as to your metal roots.

Buy the Slipknot Baseball Cap here

The ABCs Of Metallica

The ABCs Of Metallica features rhymes and illustrations and details the history of the band. It's been co-written by Howie Abrams with illustrations by Michael ‘Kaves’ McLeer, who took part in Metallica's Obey Your Master exhibition back in 2012. Of course, this needn’t be just for the kids… grown-ups will love this too.

Buy The ABCs Of Metallica here

Queen Monopoly 

Here at Louder, we reckon that no matter what genre of music you’re into, everyone loves a bit of Queen. Now the team behind the ever-popular Monopoly board game have turned their attention to the band, sprucing things up and making it a much more enjoyable experience. Not only do the player tokens represent moments from the band’s legendary career, but the board itself will be instantly recognisable to music fans everywhere.

Buy Queen Monopoly here

Scorpions Single Malt Whisky

Loads of bands are releasing their own branded beers, wines and spirits – but how about this cracker from legendary rock veterans Scorpions? It’s been matured in ex bourbon and ex oloroso sherry casks, with the twist being that it’s also spent some time in German sweet cherry wine casks. The whisky is a collaboration with Swedish distillery Mackmyra, who also did the splendid Motorhead whisky. And we can tell you right now, this is a bottle well worth picking up.

Buy Scorpions Single Malt Whisky here

Code Orange t-shirt

While Code Orange take over the world with their spectacular delivery of industrial hardcore, their merch deserves an honourable mention. Just LOOK at it! Type O Negative levels of typography right there. The new album Underneath is a banger, too.

Buy the Code Orange t-shirt here

Harley Quinn Roller Derby Pop! Vinyl Figure

The latest in Funko’s hugely popular Pop! Vinyl figures range takes its inspiration from DC's Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey movie starring Margot Robbie. The figure sees Harley in her roller derby guise and it can be pre-ordered now before its release in mid-March.

Buy the Harley Quinn Roller Derby Pop! Vinyl Figure here

Doom Eternal With Exclusive Steel Poster

When it comes to video games, few are as metal as Doom. The long-running franchise helped define the first-person shooter back in 1993. Several sequels have been spawned since then – and the latest, Doom Eternal, is looking absolutely splendid. It’s set for release next week, but PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC fans can pre-order this exclusive version right now which comes with a steel poster. Now where did I put my BFG?

Buy Doom Eternal With Exclusive Steel Poster here

Witch Throw Blanket

This personalised throw blanket is perfect for warming the cockles of a witchily-inclined friend, familiar or goth. Alternatively, send anonymously to a hated foe, insinuating that they are soon to be burned at the stake!

But the Witch Throw Blanket here

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