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Best gifts for beer lovers 2022: 12 boozy present ideas for your ale-loving pals

Best gifts for beer lovers 2022
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Stuck on what to buy someone who loves beer? Then this round-up of the best gifts for beer lovers should sort you right out. From books and home brew kits, to gadgets and glasses, we've pulled together a list of some of the best beer-related items you can buy right now.

Our beery gift bonanza covers options for every budget and includes ideas for fans of all kinds of ale, whether that's IPA, lager or stout. Just want to buy them some beer or the best non-alcoholic beer? Then scroll down our list and you'll find a delicious, rock-related recommendations, plus we recommend some great online booze delivery services, too. 

Or, if your loved one is abstaining right now, then check out our guide to the best non-alcoholic beers around.

Best gifts for beer lovers

Iron Maiden beer

(Image credit: Iron Maiden/Robinsons Brewery)

1. Iron Maiden beer set

Maiden and Robinsons Brewery continue to add some volume to the beer market

Price: £25 | From: Amazon

A really tasty stout
Maiden fans will love the label
Another fine addition to the band's range
We'd like the ABV to be a little higher to give it more of a kick

Iron Maiden have added a delicious stout to their ever-growing army of Trooper beers. Once again created by singer Bruce Dickinson in partnership with Robinsons Brewery, Fear Of The Dark (4.5% ABV) is full-bodied and rich in flavour, with none-too-subtle hints of coffee and dark-roasted chocolate. 

Seeing as it's so moreish, why not treat your loved one to this 8-bottle crate. If you're lucky, they might even share them with you.

Beer and socks canister

(Image credit: Beer Hawk)

2. Beer and socks canister

Keep your toes warm and cosy while you take down a cold one

Price: £10 | Available from: Beer Hawk

Your friend can keep their feet warm while supping ale
Decent selection of brews
OK, we'll admit - it's a bit of a gimmick
Not ideal if your friend has plenty of socks

Some people say that getting socks for your birthday is kind of boring. But when the socks in question come in a canister with two cans of beer – in this case, a Goose Island Midway session IPA and a Camden Hells lager – well, that's a different matter entirely. The fact that the socks also look like beer is an added bonus... well, we think so anyway.

The Bucket List: Beer

(Image credit: Universe Publishing )

3. The Bucket List Beer: Beer-Themed Adventures

Unforgettable stories from throughout the beer universe

Price: £20 | Available from: Amazon

Packed full of information and cracking images
Good for planning your very own beer adventure
The chances of making it to most of these places in slim due to lockdown

We can't do much travelling in the middle of a global pandemic, but what we can do is dream of all the places we'll visit – and the beers we'll drink – once all this madness is over. 

Justin Kennedy's vast tome The Bucket List: Beer is perfect for planning, listing no fewer than 1,000 boozy adventures, from pub crawls to pop-up beer gardens, brewery tours to Bavarian knees-ups. With beautiful photographs throughout, this is porn for pint-swillers.

BrewDog: Beer making kit

(Image credit: BrewDog)

4. BrewDog home-brew kit

Since we're all still at home, why not brew up your own batch of beer?

Price: £40 | From: Firebox

Eight pints of fine craft ale
Makes a very tasty drop
Not as easy or accessible as having a few cans in the fridge

“Do you feel lucky, punk?” That's what you can ask the person you give this BrewDog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit to. And their answer will almost certainly be “Hell, yes I am!” because this beautiful craft beer gift – produced by said Scottish company in collaboration with the Brooklyn BrewShop – will enable them to make eight pints of this caramel-and- tropical-fruit-infused tipple in the comfort of their own home. Lucky indeed.


(Image credit: BACTrack)

5. Smartphone breathalyser

It's always better to be cautious - even if you've just had a small drink

Price: £120 | From: Amazon

A good way to test your levels the day after a night in the pub
It's a bit on the pricey side

If your friend or family member is planning on driving home after they've had a small drink, or the next morning after a heavy night, then they'll need to make sure they’re not over the legal limit. 

BACtrack’s smartphone breathalyser removes the guesswork; connecting to a mobile via Bluetooth, it provides a police-grade blood alcohol content (BAC) reading in seconds, and will even estimate when the user's levels will drop to zero again.

Fizzics Draftpour

(Image credit: Fizzics)

6. Fizzics DraftPour draft beer server

A pub-style pint at home? Where do we sign up?

Price: £100 | From: Amazon

Makes a decent pint
Great for late summer get togethers - once lockdown is over, of course
Not quite the same as a trip down the pub
Might be a bit on the large side in your kitchen

When we were kids, having a Soda Stream on the kitchen worktop felt like the coolest thing ever. Well, here's the grown-up equivalent: the Fizzics DraftPour takes any can or bottle of beer, and instantly turns it into a beautifully refreshing draft. 

Simply pull the lever and this USB- or battery-powered device will serve up a pub-style pint in seconds. The days of handing out warm stubbies at parties are well and truly over.

Dinosaur Bottle Opener

(Image credit: All Things Brighton Beautiful)

7. Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Put a Jurassic roar into your pour

Price: £35 | From: Not On The High Street

Add novelty value to any kitchen
It's always handy having a bottle opener handy
Can we have a Triceratops version please?
Yeah, it's a bit of a gimmick

Here's a great present for the Marc Bolan fan in your life – a T-rex bottle opener (well, it made us chuckle). Created by All Things Brighton Beautiful, this kitchen-top carnivore is sculpted from cast iron and features robust teeth that'll tear off your bottle top without mercy. 

It'll also serve as an effective deterrent against insects and spiders – unless, of course, they have a bottle that needs opening.

Coolenator bottle cooler

(Image credit: Coolenator)

8. Coolenator bottle and can cooler

Price: £15 | From: Amazon

Say goodbye to carting a massive cooler around with you
Easy to store when not in use
You might need more than one
A fridge will do it better

Whether you're sitting on the beach, lazing on a sun lounger or grilling meat on the BBQ, there's nothing like a cold beer to whet your whistle on a hot summer's day. An aluminium cup that contains a cooling sleeve made from hardened styrofoam, the Coolenator absorbs the cold from your freezer to keep bottles and cans chilled for up to four hours at a time. 

Right, where did we put those sausages?

Wooden Bottle Opener

(Image credit: AHDECOR)

9. Vintage-style wooden bottle opener

Add a touch of class to the ol' home bar

Price: £20 | From: Amazon

Simple to use
No nonsense design
OK, so it might look a bit dated on some home bars

If you think your loved one will find the T-rex bottle opener too tacky (or frankly terrifying), how about this for a classy alternative? Easily attaching to a kitchen wall, this distressed wood and cast iron contraption enables users to hook off their bottle top with a simple, one-handed motion. 

It collects the discarded tops in a tray at the bottom, too, meaning they won't have to get out the dustpan and brush once the party's over - and it makes it safe the next morning if your walking in bare feet!

100 World Beers Bucket List Poster

(Image credit: 100 World Beers Bucket List Poster)

10. Beer bucket list poster

Tick off the beers you enjoy on this awesome bit of wall furniture

Price: £13 | From: Menkind

It's like the best scratchcard ever
Acts like your own personal beer journal
It could take a while to complete

More often than not, scratchcards end in disappointment – so why not give you best bud something to scratch off that'll actually bring a smile to their face? As the name suggests, this 100 World Beers Bucket List Poster features a century of ales from across the globe, the idea being that you reveal the picture of each one after you've located it on your travels and sampled it. 

Yes, they'll probably be poorer and fatter once they've scratched everything off, but they'll also be very, very happy.

Beer dumbbell

(Image credit: Getting Personal)

11. Dumbbell beer glass

Combine exercise with drinking beer. What could possibly go wrong?

Price: £15 | From: Getting Personal

Get ripped while drinking
Eye-catching design
A little unwieldy
Best not take it to the gym, eh?

Exercise or beer? What a decision to have to make! Make things easier for your loved one by giving them something that'll enable them to do both things at once. With a capacity of 24oz – that's just over a pint – this dumbbell-shaped beer glass can get quite heavy, making it the perfect accessory for a workout. 

All they'll have to do is lift it to their lips every now and again, and before they know it they'll have biceps like Arnie. And when you factor in trips back and forth from the fridge, it's the ultimate beer workout!

Beer shower gel

(Image credit: Oliphant)

12. Beer shower gel

Get your evening out off to the best possible start

Price: £8.99 | From: Amazon

Clean and crisp design
Novelty value is A+
It doesn't actually smell like beer
Maybe that's a good thing - especially when working in the morning

If there's one thing that's going to get your booze-loving buddy in the mood for a night out, it's dowsing themselves in shower gel that looks like beer. Fitted with a hook so they can hang it up as they lather, this bottle-shaped bathroom accessory contains 300ml of liquid soap (not beer-scented) that you could easily mistake for lager. And when they stumble in for a slash at 3am, they probably will.

Or, just order them some booze online…

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