Trifecta release first new music with video for Pavlov’s Dog Killed Schrodinger’s Cat

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Prog supergoup Trifecta, featuring Steven Wilson band members Nick Beggs, Craig Blundell and Adam Holzman, have released a video for their brand new single Pavlov's Dog Killed Schrodinger's Cat which you can watch below.

It's the first new music from the trio's just-announced debut album Fragments, which will be released through Kscope Records on August 15. You can see the new album artwork and tracklisting below.

The video for Pavlov's Dog Killed Schrodinger's Cat was created by bassist Beggs, who says: "The film clip is a new take on the lyric video concept I guess? I made it one afternoon in my home studio using my i-phone and a writing pad!"

Fragments primarily leans toward a fusion of jazz rock, imaginatively described by Beggs as “Fission! It’s like Fusion but less efficient and more dangerous... with fall out” and being mainly instrumental with the exception Pavlov’s Dog Killed Schrodinger’s Cat, the lyrics of which, Beggs states “are written from the perspective of a layman trying to understand quantum mechanics… and failing”.

Each band member completed the recording and engineering of their own contributions in their various home studios which helped in bringing their individual production ideas to each track. Adam Holzman mixed the record at his New York home studio and the mastering was handled by Andy VanDette (Rush, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Porcupine Tree, Beastie Boys) in New York.

The title for the debut came about as Beggs explains “We discussed early on, the idea of each piece having a fragment number and track title, for example Fragment 10 - Pavlov’s Dog Killed Schrodinger’s Cat. As all the compositions were written as jams or in our home studios this idea seemed even more prescient. So, we titled the album Fragments."

Fragments will be released on CD, black vinyl LP and limited edition neon orange vinyl LP (exclusive to the Kscope store) and digitally. 

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Trifecta: Fragments
1. Clean Up On Aisle Five
2. Check Engine Light
3. Proto Molecule
4. Auntie
5. Venn Diagram
6. The Enigma Of Mr. Fripp
7. Sally Doo-Dally
8. Have You Seen What The Neighbours Are Doing?
9. The Mute Gospel
10. Pavlov`s Dog Killed Schrodinger`s Cat
11. Voyage Of Discovery
12. Nightmare In Shining Armor
13. Dry Martini
14. Lie 2 Me And Take My Money
15. Hold It Like That[03:28]

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