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Tesseract’s Daniel Tompkins shares video for his new solo single Limitless

Daniel Tompkins (Image credit: Steve Brown)

Tesseract frontman Daniel Tompkins has released a video for his new single Limitless.

It’s taken from his upcoming solo album Castles, which will arrive on May 31 through Kscope. Tompkins revealed the first song from the album, Saved, featuring his Tesseract bandmate, guitarist Acle Kahney last month.

The vocalist says Limitless “explores the theme of loneliness and desperation,” adding: “In our romantic relationships we can all make mistakes at some point or another, often we’re able to navigate difficult times but sometimes we can cause irreparable damage. 

Limitless is experienced through the eyes of a person having lost such a relationship, aimlessly wandering and constantly reaching dead ends. 

“Sometimes it’s better to simply reset, move on and start again without the baggage of the past. That being said, the outcome of the decisions we make will shape the people we become and while memories fade, they’re never truly erased.”

Tompkins travelled to Milwaukee for the Limitless video shoot and worked once again with directors Steven Cleavland and Kyle Kadow, who he’s been involved with in the past with both Tesseract and Zeta.

Tompkins says: “They created such incredible visuals for those projects and have great working relationships with local actors. 

“Interestingly, both the male lead actors seen in the Causeway video were also featured in Tesseract’s King video, as we thought that would be a nice link.

“Plus they are incredible actors. The elder male lead, Timothy Barnes, also features in Limitless.”

Daniel Tompkins: Castles
1. Saved
2. Black The Sun
3. Castles
4. Kiss
5. Limitless
6. Cinders
7. Telegraph
8. Black The Sun (Head Rework)
9. Limitless (feat. Dmitry Stepanov)
10. Kiss (feat. Randy Slaugh)
11. Saved (feat. Acle Kahney)
12. Saved (feat. Paul Ortiz)
13. Saved (feat. Randy Slaugh)

Daniel Tompkins: Castles
Tesseract frontman Daniel Tompkins will release his new solo album Castles in May through Kscope. The record features the lead tracks Saved and Limitless.View Deal

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