Mariusz Duda releases quirky new video for Knock Lock

Mariusz Duda
(Image credit: Mariusz Duda)

Riverside and Lunatic Soul mainstay Mariusz Duda has released a new video for Knock Lock. The track is taken from Duda's upcoming solo album Claustrophobic Universe, which will be released through Glassville Records on April 23. You can watch the video and view album artwork and tracklisting below.

"In these new uncertain times, I'm still trying to find my inner balance by making what I am best at - new music. But different times call for different music," says Duda.

Claustrophobic Universe follows last year's lowkey Lockdown Spaces album, the culmination of a series of standalone solo releases away from the sound of bands Duda is more readily associated with and which began with the release of Song Of A Dying Memory earlier this year.

"As you probably know, I grew up listening mainly to instrumental electronic music (folk, rock, and metal came later)," Duda continues. "The new album will be different from Lockdown Spaces released last year. And so you won't hear my fascination for 8-bit computer games. Rather than that, we'll run away into space. A specific space. Subdued, muffled, matt, claustrophobic…

"I recorded all the sounds myself on various kinds of small synthesisers, samplers, and portable drum machines. I hope that you will enjoy this combination of micro and macrocosm There will be nine tracks, over 42 minutes of music. The artwork was made by Hajo Müller."

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Mariusz Duda

(Image credit: Glassville Music)

Mariusz Duda: Claustrophobic Universe
1. Knock Lock
2. Planets In A Milk Bowl
3. I Landed On Mars
4. Waves From A Flat Earth
5. 2084
6. Escape Pod
7. Lemon Flavour Stars
8. Claustrophobic Universe
9. Numbers And Denials

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