Mariusz Duda releases video for Are You Ready For The Sun

Mariusz Duda
(Image credit: Mariusz Duda)

Riverside and Lunatic Soul mainstay Mariusz Duda has released a new video for Are You Ready For The Sun. The song forms part of Duda's series of standalone solo releases away from the bands he is more readily associated with and which began with the release of Song Of A Dying Memory earlier this year.

"In almost 20 years of my artistic activity, I have become a specialist in creating melancholic, sad, and dark compositions," Duda says. "I have also honed my skills in writing longer pieces (this year I will be setting my new personal best as there will be an almost 28-minute suite on the new Lunatic Soul album).

Are You Ready For The Sun features guest appearances from Pure Reason Revolution's Chloë Alper and Polish drummer Maciej Gołyźniak.

"The lovely Chloë Alper (Pure Reason Revolution) joins me in vocal harmonies, and the always-reliable Maciej Gołyźniak provides the proper groove on drums," Duda continues. "Subcutaneous songs" are a chance for me to try my hand at "short, light, soothing and exhilarating" songs, but not necessarily ballads, as proven by the newest one, Are You Ready For The Sun. It is not a new music style of MD. It's simply one of the few music universes I have been simultaneously exploring. Riverside still exists, Lunatic Soul still exists, I still intend to record albums such as Lockdown Spaces, but songs... concise and particular songs, these have always been the most difficult to create. 

"Especially the "positive" have been a great challenge, the "luminous", like Found by Riverside or Untamed by Lunatic Soul. Are You Ready For The Sun is the second one by MD from the six songs I had announced to release once in a while on my bandcamp, in digital and in streaming services. You are already familiar with The Song of a Dying Memory, now it's time for something more dynamic."

Get Are You Ready For The Sun.

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