Get cosy with a great audiobook this winter with reduced-price subscriptions to Audible

Audible Subscription Offer
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It's the ultimate frustration for book lovers: you want to settle down and read a great novel (or 20), but just can't find the time to fit it in. Thankfully, Amazon are offering savings on Audible subscriptions this Cyber Monday offering a budget - and time - friendly way to feed your literary needs. 

With Audible, users get access to a vast digital library of titles covering everything from best-selling autiobiographies and podcasts to literary classics, covering just about every genre you could hope to find. Fantasy, crime thriller, self-help: everything is represented in Audible's library, each book brought to life in stunning audio form with some titles even offering full-cast productions. 

Amazon UK subscribers can currently get over 60% off Audible for four months at just £2.99 a month for the first four months and £7.99 thereafter. What's more, each user gets "credit" each month to redeem against any title (regardless of length) and unlimited access to the "Plus Catalogue" - essentially the Netflix for audiobooks with an extensive library to explore. 

Similarly, Amazon US are also offering 60% off monthly subscriptions for four months, reducing the usual fee from $14.95 to $5.95. What's more, the Amazon US offer runs until December 31, meaning you have plenty of time to snap up the offer. 

If you're not sure just how much you could benefit from Audible, Amazon are also offering a 30-day free trial if you want to test out the audiobook library before proceeding any further, while the lack of any minimum term means your subscription will suit your needs. 

Save over 60% on Audible for four months:

Save over 60% on Audible for four months: Amazon are currently offering Audible subscriptions for £2.99 a month for the first four months. Each month users get a "credit" to redeem against any title of their choosing, and can use the Plus Library to access thousands of audibooks at their fingertips.  

Save 60% on Audible with Amazon US:

Save 60% on Audible with Amazon US: Audible is just $5.95 a month for the next four months as part of a new subscriber deal. Running until December 31, the deal offers access to thousands of audiobooks each month to help you feed your literary needs this winter. 

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