Dim Gray release new lyric video for Mare

Dim Grey
(Image credit: Emil Vestre)

Norwegian art rock trio Dim Gray have released a new lyric video for Mare which you can watch below. At the same time the band have announced that they have signed to Big Big Train's record label English Electric Recordings and will release their second album, Firmament, on September 2.

“We decided not to include [Mare] on (debut album) Flown, but when Håkon (Høiberg, guitarist and writer of Mare) attempted to rearrange it in the style of Brian Wilson circa Pet Sounds we thought the result sounded inspired," explains singer and keyboard player Oskar Holldorff. "The lyric was reworked right up until the recording and is about trying to break free of invisible shackles and the yearning for something more. We tried to balance the earnest expression of emotions with more obscure imagery, but achieving the right blend took a lot of time and effort.”

“We are delighted to announce that we have signed Dim Gray," adds Big Big Train bassist Greg Spawton. "Until now, the label has just been a vehicle for Big Big Train and outside projects of BBT band members. We have been interested in expanding the label’s activities for some time but only wanted to do so when we came across a truly exciting band that we felt had something new to offer musically. When we were introduced to Dim Gray, we saw that the band has enormous potential and were very keen to sign them.”

Joining Høiberg and Holldorff is drummer Tom Ian Klungland. The band all moved from different parts of Norway to Oslo a decade ago to study. They released their debut album Flown in 2020.

Oskar Holldorff will be touring as part of Big Big Train for a set of already announced dates in September 2022, deputising for BBT keyboard player Carly Bryant.

Firmament will be available on CD, LP (via Plane Groovy) and all digital services, with the physical formats available to pre-order now via Burning Shed.

Pre-order Firmament.

Dim Gray

(Image credit: English Electric Recordings)

DIm Gray: Firmament
1.  Mare
2.  Ashes
3.  Undertow
4.  Avalon | The Tide
5.  52~
6.  Abalus | In Time
7.  Long Ago
8.  My Barren Road
9.  Cannons
10.  Iron Henry
11.  Firmament
12.  Meridian

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