Charm City Devils stream Battles


Charm City Devils have made their third album Battles available to stream.

It launches on September 23 via The End Records/ADA and is the follow-up to 2012’s Sins.

Frontman John Allen says: Battles is about struggle – from small to large. It’s about perseverance, loss, and the hope of triumph.

“From the opening cut Tear It Apart, to the fading last note of Let It Go, the album speaks, lyrically, from the heart about tenaciousness from the start of life until the bitter end.”

Battles tracklist

  1. Tear It Apart

  2. Crucify

  3. Shots

  4. Everyday

  5. Want

  6. God’s Gonna Cut You Down

  7. Lying To Yourself

  8. Rich N’ Famous

  9. Destiny

  10. Karma

  11. Let It Go