Arch Echo premiere video for stunning new track My Head Sometimes

Arch Echo
Arch Echo

Arch Echo have released a video for their track My Head Sometimes exclusively with Prog.

The song has been taken from the US outfit’s self-titled debut album, which arrived in May this year.

Speaking about the track, drummer Richie Martinez tells Prog: “Here is a fun fact about this song: My Head Sometimes was originally written for guitarist Adam Rafowitz’s solo project and was revisited, and essentially rewritten, to fit into more of an aggressive/progressive metal vein, in 2016.

“A few aspects that we find exciting about this track is that it has enjoyable, heavy sections, cinematic riffs, big grooves, and is also part of a theme, being followed up by My Heart Sometimes, which gives it an interesting life.

“We hope you enjoy this new video of us from our recent tour – and don’t forget to crank that volume knob up to eleven!”

Arch Echo’s debut album is available via Bandcamp. Find the cover art and tracklist below.

Arch Echo tracklist

  1. Earthshine
  2. Afterburger
  3. Hip Dipper
  4. Color Wheel
  5. Bloom
  6. Spark
  7. My Head Sometimes
  8. My Heart Sometimes