Toundra release animated video for their stunning new track Kingston Falls


Toundra - Vortex

1. Intro Vortex
2. Cobra
3. Tuareg
4. Cartavio
5. Kingston Falls
6. Mojave
7. Roy Neary
8. Cruce Oeste


Toundra have released an animated video to accompany their new track Kingston Falls.

The song will appear on the Spanish outfit’s upcoming fifth album Vortex, which is set to arrive on April 27 via InsideOut/Century Media.

Toundra say: “This song was the second to last composed for this new album. The most electric and short one we have done so far. 

"We needed to explore what it was to write a song like this because we felt the whole record needed it. A shot of light. It ended up being one of producer Santi’s favourite songs.”

Speaking previously about the decision to name the album Vortex, the band revealed that it was inspired by the venue Vortex Surfer Musiklub in Siegen, Germany, where they played in September 2012.

Toundra said: “We played there, the venue got packed and everything about that night, including the warm welcome from everybody working there, was incredible. We fell in love with that small venue and the house next to it where we slept that night.

“Since then, we played Vortex five or six times and there has always been that same great fond feeling from the people there. So, this upcoming album is called Vortex. 

“We leave behind the roman numbers and want to use this as a way to thank all the promoters, people working in venues, labels, agencies, fans and everyone who has helped us over the years to live this dream.”

Last month, Toundra released a video for Cobra.