Tolkien-inspired proggers Ainur release video for Spirit Of Fire

(Image credit: Ainur)

18-piece Italian prog 'orchestra' Ainur have released a new video for Spirit Of Fire. It's taken from the band's upcoming album War Of The Jewels which will be released through Rockshots Records on March 19.

As with all their previous releases, War Of The Jewels is inspired by the works of fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien. Spirit Of Fire features guest appearances from Sons Of Apollo's Derek Sherinian, Labyrinth singer Roberto Tiranti and narrator Ted Nasmith. You can watch the video below.

“When we realised that Roberto would be a guest on this album, we had no doubt of which song he was perfect for," say the band. "Spirit of Fire is the most iconic track on the album, because it deals with one of the greatest characters that Tolkien has ever invented: Fëanor, the mightiest of Elves. He has a spirit of fire and in this song, Luca (that is the main composer of this one) had the same spirit. Big guitar riffs, chords, and progressions, but also choirs and melodies that are one of Luca’s most characteristic styles. Roberto put the icing on the cake and made this song epic and unforgettable. We are sure it will become an Ainur’s masterpiece in the next years!

"War Of The Jewels is the eleventh volume of The History Of Middle-Earth. In Tolkien’s mythology is the tale of the big wars that came out after the creation of the Silmarils by Fëanor. The main theme is the big battles of Beleriand, except for Nirnaeth Arnoediad that will have big space in our next album. The main implied character is Fëanor, the mightiest of the Elves.

"Musically, it’s a thematic album as all our previous and future ones and you will recognize musical themes that we already used in From Ancient Times, Children Of Hùrin and Lay Of Leithian; however, the atmospheres are more aggressive and mighty than in the past because the topics we have put in Music this time needed a more powerful musical support." 

You can see the Felipe Machado'[s (Blind Guardian) artwork and tracklisitng below.

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(Image credit: Rockshot Records)

Ainur: War Of The Jewels
1. Fate Disclosed ft. Ted Nasmith
2. Wars Of Beleriand
3. Hell of Iron
4. Wars Begin
5. Kinslaying (The First) ft. Ted Nasmith
6. Grinding Ice
7. Battle Under The Stars ft. Derek Sherinian
8. Spirit Of Fire ft. Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) & Ted Nasmith
9. The Broidress
10. The Great Battle (Or The War Of Wrath) ft. Ted Nasmith
11. Apocalypse
12. Apocalypse (Acoustic Bonus Track-digital only)

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